Shortage On Super NES Classic No Big Surprise

The Super NES Classic went up for pre-order yesterday in North America early in the morning, and sold out as expected.


Nintendo launched the pre-order for new Super NES Classic at 1 a.m. yesterday morning, and as you could probably guess, it sold out in under 30 minutes. Nintendo has got to be doing this on purpose. This happens to nearly every product they sell that they know will be popular.


As Naive Nintendo fans awoken from their slumber eager to purchase their pre-order for the Super NES Classic, they realized they woke up to a rude awakening. I could have told everyone this would happen, but it seems that some gamers haven’t caught on yet.




This shortage of popular items is very unfair to loyal Nintendo fans. Scalpers are people who buy popular products that they know will sell out fast in order to resell online for a major markup. Many scalpers have a huge advantage because they use automated bots to make their purchases for them.


Personally I stopped backing Nintendo when I realized that they suck at marketing, and are way over priced. This popular product shortage is nothing new. It started with the Wii, and has followed suit to their popular Amiibo’s, the Switch, and the Classic NES. No wonder I jumped ship from console gaming to PC.


Still Nintendo fans haven’t learned their lesson. The internet is on fire this with gamers complaining. Did you guys really think Nintendo would come through for once with their horrible track record of product shortages? Come on fellow gamers!




Later in the morning Nintendo announced that Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and GameStop would be putting up their pre-orders later in the day. Its said that Walmart sold out within a minute of posting theirs.


Target and Gamestop followed suit. Target had site issues, and many didn’t fully even make it through the checkout process before they sold out. Of course the dirtiest players in the game known as Gamestop created bundles with crap nobody wanted to up sell products.


I still will play Nintendo products, but I stopped buying their stuff years ago. Personally I’ve been boycotting Gamestop for years. I haven’t been happier with gaming since I jumped ship to PC gaming. I think Nintendo deserves to be booed for how they are doing their loyal customers.


Boo Nintendo! Step Your Game Up & Make A Real Controller While Your At It! Is this what you killed Sega for? Very disappointed in you!!!


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