Newly released update of the popular iSentimental journal and diary application allows users to track important health and fitness indicators. It is available immediately for Mac and iOS on Apple App Store.


Golmium Software Inc. announces the release of iSentimental v.3, an electronic journal and diary that allows users to keep a record of important events and emotions for any day, week, month or year.


Events or feelings can be described by use of visual tags, contain a brief description or a more detailed one and include an image.  Past events can be entered and the user may see a history of all posts for the current day that will appear as “Today’s History” upon first login (only for Mac version).


The app can also retrieve events in Calendar and items in Reminders and will show a list of Upcoming future events with a countdown to each event.  The user may designate a single future event as a special one and the number of months, weeks or days to the event will appear on the menu bar and/or as a badge on the app icon.


The new version contains an additional range of tags that allows users to keep track of health and fitness data such as weight, body temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose and many others.  The app thus becomes a useful tool in monitoring key medical information.


The intended audience for the app is anyone who is interested in keeping track of personal events history, including emotions and health, in particular for the purpose of monitoring an existing health condition, providing information to physicians or to track monthly cycle and fertility.


With iSentimental a user can:

  • Record events, feelings, health & fitness data for any day, week, month or year.
  • Start every day by looking at the list of entries for the same day over the years.
  • Describe the day, week, month or year briefly, add a more detailed narrative and a picture.
  • Use visual tags for feelings and events.
  • See Today’s History at first login, without manually starting the app.
  • Seamlessly sync app data across mobile devices in auto or manual mode with iCloud.
  • See countdowns for Calendar and Reminders upcoming events.
  • Simple and reliable backup/restore.


See it on the App Store: (Mac) (iOS)

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