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Apocalypse Cow is a cinematic arcade adventure set in a digital universe. A cute, psychotic little girl with the power to rupture time, travels across GameWorlds to find a missing robot. It’s a journey that will teach her the true meaning of friendship and explosions.



Apocalypse Cow is a narrative driven action comedy. It’s an explosive platformer that borrows modern storytelling from games like Bioshock and Tomb Raider and combines it with the intensity of action that only an arcade game can provide.


You can freeze time to overcome armies and survive bullets, rockets, lasers and bad jokes. You can blow-up walls and jump on the debris before they hit the ground. Or just walk through explosions like a badass poser.


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Adventure Story + Arcade Action = Awesomeness

Apocalypse Cow is inspired by Pixar and Tarantino and is directed as an explosive arcade adventure. Rupture time to slow down traps, avoid bullets or freeze boxes mid-air to reach far away platforms. Destroy your enemies, solve puzzles and get lost in a digital world with peculiar characters.


Even More Features

  • Play locally with a friend and face challenges designed for 2.
  • Unlock the coolest costumes EVER!
  • Unleash hell with Katanas, Bazookas or exotic options like the Shrinker or Mjolnir!
  • Two Game Modes: Default (Hardcore) and Granny Mode (for those with finger arthritis)
  • Unlockable Speedrunner Mode (think you can you beat our times?)
  • Full speech! Wow!
  • Nice graphics and stuff.


Apocalypse Cow | Cinematic Arcade Awesomeness - #UD 2


Your actions will shape events that will define worlds, galaxies, dimensions and possibly the fate of cat videos. The game is hardcore*. It is difficult. But there is no penalty for death… except your pride. Because we have a death counter and we’ll rub it in your face!!


* A granny difficulty mode is available to make things easier if there’s too much awesomeness for you.


“The graphic fidelity is out of the world, pushing technological barriers further than anything I ever expected possible.”
– random dude seeing a video game for his first time


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