Rick and Morty No Longer Streaming Live On Adult Swim’s Website

To Kick off season 3 Adult Swim made the first three episodes free on their website. Last night Rick and Morty fans showed up to the site to find that the fourth episode wasn’t there.


From this point on the network will no longer be streaming new episodes on their website. If you want to watch the show live you have to tune in through the old school method, television. Wait a second here! People still pay for cable?




Adult Swim went out of their way to make the announcement overly obvious by leaving the above Tweet the day before the fourth episode released. They know that they are so awesome everybody checks their Tweeter feed daily. Pirates Start Your Engines!


When fans showed up expecting to see the live stream of the new episode they weren’t left empty handed. What they found was probably worse then being left hanging. In place of a fresh new episode they found a live stream that featured actors performing the script very badly. Got Ya Sucka’s!

(See The Live Stream Below)

Video Source – tfloasaurus


At this point I should probably point out that Rick and Morty is a animated comedy series. Its known for having one of the most unique styles of humor in the animated comedy world. You should expect anything from the show, and I actually think the prank was pretty funny. Apparently not everyone watching comedic programing has the same sense of humor.


“This shit is getting annoying,” one person said on Reddit. “It’s not funny. It makes me want to never watch anything on AdultSwim ever. I don’t care if they’re trolling, troll any other time except the airing of a new episode. Some people stay up late and alter their schedules to watch the show live, and for AdultSwim to throw this garbage at us and have the audacity to insult us at the same time is frustrating when you know damn well that they make enough money to just stream the show like normal.”  Pointed out by Polygon.

Rick and Morty are making a killing in other departments like gaming and merchandise I’m sure, but you can’t just expect them to give their show away for free. I think the cocaine dealer approach is a good business tactic. You gotta give the adult cartoon junkies a taste of the product to keep them coming back for more.


So now if you’d like to catch the show live you gotta go out to the living room and watch it on TV. Doesn’t Adult Swim realize we never put our electronic devices down because the humanoids of modern society can’t stand one another anymore? The alternative is downloading Adult Swim’s App for $3.99 a month, and watching the episodes after they air.


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