Deer Hunter Reloaded Launches Today On PS4, Xbox One & Steam

Deer Hunter: Reloaded is a 1st person hunting simulation game based off of the #1 hunting franchise in the World.


Maximum Games, in partnership with GameMill Entertainment, and Glu Mobile, has released Deer Hunter®: Reloaded, a new first-person hunting game featuring the world’s top hunting franchise. It is available today for £19.99 on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system at major retailers and on the PlayStation®Store and Xbox Games Store, respectively, as well as on Windows PC via Steam.


Deer Hunter: Reloaded throws players into the wild on epic guided hunts to become a master hunter. Venture through some of the most untamed hunting regions in North America – from the rolling plains of West Texas to the rugged hills of Alaska – in pursuit of authentic big game trophy animals with reactive AI, including white-tailed, mule and Sitka deer, bighorn and Dall sheep, caribou, elk, and more. You can also compete in side hunts for game birds like ducks and geese.


Track your prey through realistic environments and lifelike hunting scenarios while guarding against the threat of dangerous predators like bears, wolves and mountain lions. Completing daily and weekly challenges will earn you extra money for top gear and upgrades like firearms, scopes, and other equipment and accessories, which you’ll need to survive this heart-pounding action experience.


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Long Range Review

Deer Hunter: Reloaded (DHR) launched today, but luckily I’ve been playing the offline version for a few days now. I’ve been a fan of hunting games since the original Cabela’s games, but have yet to come across one on Steam that’s worth playing.


The original reviews I read for DHR didn’t have all that many nice things to say. While this discouraged me at first, I decided to give it a try anyway. It may have a few flaws that keeps it from being the greatest hunting game of all time, but I still think its the best hunting experience I’ve come across on Steam.


So far I’ve made it to the second location in the second level. That might not sound that far, but it took a lot of hunting so far to get there. I also have only unlocked the second rifle. I really had to work to get this damn gun unlocked. When I finally got it open I was really disappointed to find it had weaker power and less zoom than the rifle they start you off with.


The hunt locations are made up of dirt paths that lead to several vantage points. Some of these hunt locations are really far away from the animals, and it usually takes me a few shots to bag one. If they are close and aren’t part of a mission objective I love to unleash with the shotgun. Normally I’m able to take down a few targets when unloading with the buckshot, but usually there is only one trophy male at each spot. Its still fun to take a few down at a time.


One thing I noticed a few people complaining about is the animals unrealistic running patterns. When the animals are frantically running for they lives they often get stuck on the landscape. While it takes away from the realness element of the game, I love when this happens because they are sitting ducks.


Deer Hunter: Reloaded Long Range Review - #UD 2


I’ve also been attacked by Wolves a couple times in Colorado so far. Getting attacked by predators is pretty corny. You don’t get any warning, I never see it coming, and all it does is ends the hunt, which you can start right over. They probably should have just left this feature out.


I think this games biggest problem is its pretty boring. The little music it provides is very bland, and traveling from hunting spots within the locations is really lame. It would have been a lot funnier to kill beasts to the upbeat tempo of Cotton Eyed Joe or Devil Went Down To Georgia.


So the game is about as boring as my love life after being with my wife for 15 years, the AI isn’t very intelligent, and the first gun unlock was disappointing. You may be surprised that after that statement that I’m going to follow by saying, somehow I’m really into it.


The game does have several flaws that I think can kill it for some players. I can’t see myself grinding this game like I would if I loved it, but I’m dying to see where it goes. Since the first gun unlock was complete horse manure, I can’t wait to see if my hunting game improves with better artillery. I suck at aiming in this game as much as I do in real life.


Deer Hunter: Reloaded has several issues that bring it down. At the same time I don’t hate it. Surprisingly I find myself wanting to push on. Normally after a review most games get discarded after my post is published. Since I plan to play more, it must not be all that terrible.


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