Meet The Padre

The Padre is an excellent voxel-based point and click survival horror. Its like Resident Evil had a hell-spawned baby with Minecraft.


In The Padre you play as a demon hunter Catholic priest who is reliving the last 12 hours of his life before he committed suicide. Will he be able to change his corrupted destiny this time around? His fate is in your hands.


Before I go any further I feel that I should mention that point and click games are possibly my least favorite type of game there is. A friend recommended that I check out the alpha demo. So my wife and I put The Padre to the test last night, and surprisingly we got really into it.


With that being said, I’m obviously not a point and click expert. Usually I tend to get stuck right away and call it quits. I do love a good survival horror game, and am a fan of well designed voxel based games. So when I got stuck nearly right away in The Padre I felt the urge to figure it out, with help from a walk-through video of course.


Video Source – Alpha Beta Gamer


You start off the game in your bedchamber, and are teased with demon hunting equipment in the closet that you can’t take. You get a note about a Cardinal who has gone missing. Almost instantly after getting to the eerie mansion you ask yourself why you didn’t bring your gear. Even though we’re defenseless, lets investigate anyway Scooby Doo.


At first the voxel based graphics can throw off someone who is not used to them. Just give it a little time, the demons, ghosts and monsters in this game are designed beautifully. I was surprised about just how creepy some of them are. Fighting them is also a lot fun.


Generally I think combat doesn’t mix with the point and click genre. Developer Shotgun with Glitter did an amazing job with the fighting mechanics. I was very impressed actually. Who doesn’t love to beat a monster to death with a crowbar?



Media sensation Patrick Hickey Jr did the voice-over for the demon hunter priest. His deep English tone really helps set the dark atmosphere, and helps drive the spookiness of the twisted story. The music of the game also matches the game quite well. Good voice acting and a good music score are very important when it comes to setting the tone for a survival horror game.


The alpha demo has a great deal of content for only being a demo. Some point and click games don’t even last an hour. My wife and I played for well over and hour. Once we got into the game we didn’t want to put it down.


Overall I’m very impressed with The Padre. I’m even more impressed that I like a point and click that isn’t centered around Larry getting lucky. Its really a rare occasion when this style of game grabs my attention. I can’t wait to see where this title goes in the future. I definitely recommend checking this game out if your a fan of survival horror!


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The Padre Alpha Demo Review | Voxel Horror First Impression
The Padre is an eerie point and click voxel based survival horror game that is aiming to redefine the genre.
Creep Factor82%
Voice Acting87%
The Good
  • Creepy Atmosphere
  • Huge Alpha Demo
  • Intriging Story
The Bad
  • Its A Point & Click
86%Genel Puan
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