Defy the Gods, Beat the Odds, Save Mount Olympus in Little Medusa

Get Your Gorgon On in Little Medusa


Coming soon to the NES, Little Medusa is an action puzzler about a Greek goddess having a terrible hair day. After Artemiza draws the ire of a fellow goddess, she finds herself transformed into a Gorgon. With snakes in her hair and a mind set on revenge, Artemiza must fight her way to the top of Mount Olympus in Little Medusa.


Using her serpentine updo, Artemiza can petrify enemies and use their stony remnants to solve puzzles, beat the Titans, and take her rightful place on Mount Olympus as the favorite child of the gods.


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Talk about a bad hair day!

Become a polymorphed deity and take back Mount Olympus in this action puzzler. The Titans have escaped their eternal prisons and transformed Artemiza, a young goddess, into a gorgon. Now she must petrify enemies, solve puzzles, and dodge traps in her battle to save the realms of the gods. It’s frantic, brain-boggling action!


Key Facts and Features

  • Little Medusa was developed from the ground up for the Nintendo Entertainment System- it comes on a cartridge!
  • Five worlds full of puzzles to solve and monsters to petrify.
  • An exciting story inspired by Greek mythology
  • Over 20 achievements to unlock.
  • Beat the game fast enough and you’ll uncover a secret 6th world.
  • A rock-solid challenge.
  • A wide assortment of enemies to face, including the legendary Titans!



Little Medusa Coming To NES Soon - #UD 3


Legendary Puzzles!

  • 5 worlds of puzzling petrification!
  • Clash with centaurs, fallen heroes, and the Titans themselves!
  • Challenging obstacles found in each new area!
  • Solve the puzzles fast enough and unlock a secret world, complete with a new ending to the story!


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Little Medusa Coming To NES Soon - #UD 2


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