Road Redemption Review

Road Redemption Is Like Road Rash On Steroids


I’ve been an undying fan of motorcycle mayhem games since the original Road Rash on Sega Genesis. I found the Early Access version of Road Redemption nearly a year ago. I was instantly hooked as soon as I picked up the controller.


After much careful development the full version of Road Redemption hit the market on Oct 4, 2017. In its early development stages the game has grown a huge following who have all been waiting for it to reach completion. Finally after much eager anticipation it has arrived.


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The Story

Road Redemption takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, ruled by a brutal dictator. Fans of Mad Max will feel right at home here.


After years of bloody street warfare, the country’s biker gangs have settled into an uneasy truce.


This period of peace is interrupted when the leader of the country’s richest weapons cartel is assassinated, and a $15,000,000 bounty is put on the mysterious assassin’s head.


It’s up to you and your fellow gang members to chase down the assassin and claim this prize, but you’ll have to drive through enemy territory to do so. Every biker in the country wants a piece of that $15,000,000 bounty, and they won’t hesitate to take out those who get in their way.

About Road Redemption

Road Redemption is an action racing game where you lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in a brutal driving combat adventure.

Earn money by completing races, assassinations, robberies, and other challenges in your path. As you collect loot, you’ll upgrade your character, your bike, and your weapons.


One Life To Live!


Driving a motorcycle at 100 mph while trying to hit someone with a pipe is dangerous, and death can come quickly. Fortunately, every time you die, all the experience you’ve collected can be used to upgrade your character, your bike, and your weapons.


In the multiplayer mode, you can work with your friends or let out some road rage on them. It’s up to you.



  • Online Multiplayer
  • Tons of brutal weapons. This is more Twisted Metal than it is Mario Kart
  • 4-player splitscreen co-op.
  • Massive, expandable skill tree. Rack in the loot to upgrade your character, your bike, and your weapons.
  • A deep motorcycle fighting system with grabs, kicks, counters, critical strikes, and more.
  • Full support for both mouse & keyboard and gamepad control configurations.


Road Redemption Review | The Road Rash Alternative - #UD 3


Universal Direction’s Review

Gentlemen start your engines and get ready to bust some heads! Road Redemption is the most intense vehicular combat game I have ever played.


Since there aren’t many combative motorcycle racing games to compare, this game is being called a spiritual successor the Road Rash series. While it does compare because its fast-paced fighting while racing on motorcycles, Road Redemption has a special charm of its own. I think some features are better then Road Rash’s actually, while some can’t compare.


What can compare the most is the frustration level that comes with the game-play. I get really into racing games, and focused like a hawk. When I’m doing good I have the inner excitement level of a 8 year old. When I screw up or crash I also have the exterior anger level of an 8 year old. As a child my Mom knew better than to walk in front of the TV. This game can be especially brutal when it comes to highs and lows.


In both versions of the game I played I didn’t start out to hot. I usually would make it to round 4 or 5. At first it did seem a little repetitive to just keep retrying to make it out of the first gangs territory. Since I was into the intense game-play, growing my upgrade tree kept me coming back for more. As you level up your stats it seems each play-through your able to do a bit better.


As you grow your upgrade tree it gets even more challenging though. The cost to unlock the upgrades raise as you go, which means you have to do better than before. It really pisses you off when you do a play-through and don’t get enough XP to unlock an upgrade. The unlockables are great for replayability, and make it so you can really get your moneys worth out of the game if your into it.


Road Redemption Review | The Road Rash Alternative - #UD 2


I don’t know if I’m just making excuses, but it seems like the earlier build had just a little bit better control. After starting over it seems like I lose control a lot easier. I wasn’t sure if it was that or it was just because when I left off I had a lot of upgrades unlocked. Excuses aside, the game is still incredibly fun even if I do suck at it.


What I really love is the lock-on mechanics. With a strong character and good weapon I can knock a couple dozen riders down in one round sometimes. I love doing battle when you get stuck in the middle of a huge pack. Sometimes it can be a game ender, but I’ve gotten pretty good at surviving the hordes to be the last biker standing. When your able to take down several guys in a pack you get a victorious feeling of accomplishment. When they take you down it makes you want to rage quit!!!


The story doesn’t provide as much depth as I expected to see if the finished version. I thought it would improve on the final cut. Who really needs a deep story when you’ve got such great game-play though. So that’s not that big of a deal. While the game has a few bikes to unlock, I had hoped that department would improve also.


Overall I don’t have many complaints. If your into combative racing games like Road Rash or Twisted Metal this game is a must try. Its the funnest racing game I’ve played for a while. It can get very frustrating at times, but its definitely one of my favorite games to come out in 2017.



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Road Redemption Review | The Road Rash Alternative
If your a fan of combative vehicular combat games like Road Rash or Twisted Metal then you will love Road Redemption! Out Now...
Challenge 95%
The Good
  • Great Game-Play
  • Awesome Upgrade System
  • Lots of Replayability
The Bad
  • Hard to Control
  • Needs Deeper Story
  • Could Use Better Bikes
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