Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now

If you grew up a child of the 90’s or beyond then odds are your a nostalgic fan of many of the following Warner Bros. Animated Series.


Warner Bros. Animation, Also known as Warner Animation Group (theatrically released films) is the Warner Bros. animation division, and a subsidiary of Time Warner. Their animation studio is the successor to Warner Bros Cartoons, the studio known for Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies from 1933 to 1969.


In their early days the original Warner Bros Cartoons Studio made a killing with their animated shorts. In 1969 they closed their studio due to rising costs and declining returns of animated short films.


After years of experimenting the Warner Bros moved into television animation production in 1986. The first original Warner Bros animated series was Tiny Toon Adventures in 1990.


Warner Bros animated series are mostly know either for slapstick comedy or DC superheroes, both of which I am a huge fan of.


I grew up on Looney Tunes as a small child, and I was around 8 years old when Tiny Toon Adventures came out. The Warner Bros. have been entertaining me my entire life, so its a huge honor to create this top 20 list.


Before we start I would like to note that this list is based off of my favorites from over the years. I have thoroughly watched every series on the list at some point in my life. I’ve watched at least 20 more of their series that didn’t make the list also, so I’d say I’m a bit of an authority on this subject. Nobody can ever agree on top lists, so please let us know what you’d do differently in the comment section below the post.


#20. Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Source - DC Comics

Image Source: DC Comics

When it comes to over saturation with comic book heroes, I think Batman is leading the race. Batman: The Brave and the Bold wasn’t the most popular animated Batman series of all time, but it has a unique comedic style that gives it personality.

The show revolves around Batman teaming up with other well known DC characters to go on generally odd adventures. The series premiered in November, 2008, and ran to 2011.


#19. Baby Blues

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 19

Image Source: My Free Wallpapers

Baby Blues the animated series is based on the Baby Blues comic strip, and produced by Warner Bros.. The story line varies slightly from the comic strip to the animated series. It had a bit of a dry comedy approach, but was very entertaining.

Baby Blues had a pretty short run. The first eight episodes were originally aired on The WB Television Network from July, 2000 and ran until August, 2000, before it was cancelled. Five then unreleased episodes were later aired on Adult Swim in 2002. A thirteen episodes season was produced but never aired.


#18. Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 18

Image Source: Green Lantern Wiki – Fandom

Green Lantern: The Animated Series is one I have mixed emotions about. I love the storytelling side of this show, but I’m not the biggest fan of the style of animation, or voice acting. Overall I think it was good enough to make #18 on my list.

This was another short lived series also. The series aired on Cartoon Network in March, 2012, and ran until March, 2013. The series was cancelled after one season due to poor toy sales from the live-action movie.


#17. Mad

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 17

Image Source: Dailymotion

Mad was a hilarious animated series that was based off of Mad Magazine. Every episode consisted of a collection of parodies mocking TV shows, movies, politics, gaming, and many other types of media. The shorts were animated with various types of animation like CGI, claymation, stopmotion, etc.

I collected Mad Magazines as a kid. I’ve always loved Mad’s style of comedy. What Me Worry? I loved this show as well. It had a 3 year run premiering September, 2010, and ending in December, 2013.


#16. Xiaolin Showdown

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 16

Image Source: ice bear prefers to be off grid

When Xiaolin Showdown came out I was a full grown adult. Some series made this list for nostalgic reasons. Xiaolin Showdown is a show that I think deserves to be in the list because its awesome. Whats not to love about cute martial artist battling in the war of good vs evil. I thought it was a really cool cartoon.

The series originally aired on the Kids’ WB block of programming on WB Network in 2003. It ran for 3 seasons consisting of 52 episodes, and ended in 2006. Reruns aired on Cartoon Network from 2006 to 2007. A direct sequel of the series named Xiaolin Chronicles began its long-term run on Disney XD in September, 2013.

#15. Mike Tyson’s mysteries

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 15

Image Source: Bubbleblabber

It was kind of a shocker Mike Tyson’s Mysteries is produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The series features a lot of adult humor, and found its perfect home on Adult Swim.

I’m a big fan of ole Iron Mike. I have been since I was a young lad playing Punch Out. His stock only went up for me when he bit a chunk of Hollyfield’s ear off. In my opinion he was the greatest boxer of all time.

Mike Tyson’s Mysteries is styled to mock classics like Hannah-barbera series, Scooby-Doo, The Funky Phantom, and other 70’s animated series. It premiered in October, 2013, and is currently still in production.


#14. Static Shock

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 14

Image Source: DC Comics News

Static Shock was a series that wasn’t as well received as other series based on DC superheroes. I found him to be a cool unconventional character, and the show was very entertaining. I think I especially liked it because the style reminded me of Batman Beyond.

The show was geared more towards a teenage audience, so the comic book story line was watered down a bit. Overall I still think it was an animated series adult fans of the DC Universe could still get into. It premiered on the WB Television Network’s Kids’ WB! block in September, 2000. Running for four seasons, with 52 half-hour episodes, the series ended in May, 2004.


#13. Tiny Toon Adventures

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 13

Image Source: Crazy Frankenstein

Tiny Toon Adventures is the senior series on the list. Its definitely one that has earned its place due to nostalgic love. Watching it now as an adult, its a bit to childish. When I was 8 years old it was one of my after school favorites.

Another reason I think this show deserves credit is that it opened the door for other comedic cartoons like Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, etc. Sadly Tiny Toon Adventures had a short lived run premiering in September, 1990, and ended production in 1992.


#12. Freakazoid

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 12

Image Source: Wallpaper Cave

Freakazoid was one of many of the excellent comedy based cartoons that came out of the 90s Animation Renaissance. The series was the third produced in collaboration with Steven Spielberg and WB Animation.

The main character, Freakazoid, was an off the wall insane superhero-ish oddball that tended to get overly annoying at times. It was one of the first to debut on the new Kids’ WB Saturday morning block of The WB. The series consisted of 2 seasons that produced 24 episodes. The show ran from September, 1995 to June, 1997.


#11. Teen Titans Go!

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 11

Image Source: Fandom

Teen Titans Go! is a comedic spin-off based around the more serious animated series that came before it that was named Teen Titans. This version of Teen Titans was designed with a completely different style of animation. It has no continuity to the original series or any other media in the DC Comics franchise, except for some small details. Many of the voice actors carried over from the original series, and the show is chocked full of DC cameo appearances.

The show has received a warm welcome by many, and is deeply despised by some fans of the original animated series. It is currently still in production, and still on Cartoon Network. Teen Titans Go! debuted in September, 2013.

#10. The Legion of Superheroes

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 10

Image Source: DC Wikia – Fandom

The Legion of Superheroes is one on the list that not all of our readers may be familiar with. Its about young superman’s adventures in the future with the classic futuristic team known as The Legion of Superheroes. While this version of The Legion may hold onto many traditions from the original characters, it is its own stand alone version.

The Legion of Superheroes is an amazing animated series that often gets overlooked. Universal Direction highly recommends it to all fans of the DC Animated Universe. The series consisted of 2 seasons that produced 26 episodes. It debuted in September, 2006, and ended in April 2008.


#9. Taz-Mania

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 9

Image Source:

Taz puts the “T” in Tasmania! Taz-Mania was another slapstick animated comedy series that was very similar to Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. Its star Taz, also known as The Tasmanian Devil, and his unique Tasmanian family. The series ran for 4 seasons that produced 65 episodes, that consisted of 102 segments. It debuted in September, 1991, and lived on until May, 1995.


#8. Young Justice

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 8

Image Source: Den of Geek

Young Justice is not a direct adaptation of the comic series, but rather an adaptation of the entire DC Universe with a focus on the young team of superheroes. In the first season the show focused more on character development. When the series returned for its second season the intensity level dramatically increased. It debuted in November, 2010, and is still going.



#7. Batman: The Animated Series

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 7

Image Source: Wavey_echos

Batman: The Animated series is the senior superhero based series on the list, and still the most popular animated Batman series to date. Its actually considered one of the most popular animated series of all times after The Simpsons. Out of the 85 episodes the series produced, surprisingly it only had a 3 year life span, starting in September, 1992, and running until September, 1995.


#6. Thundercats

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 6

Image Source:

The newer version of Thundercats may be another animated series some of you are unfamiliar with, while others may be surprised it made it down to my #6. I think that this version of the Thundercats might possibly have the greatest storytelling in all of animated series history. If the series is ever continued I think it could go on to be one of the greatest action series of all time. Its one season consisted of 26 amazing episodes, and ran from July, 2011, and  ended June, 2012.


#5. Batman Beyond

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 5

Image Source: Christian Entertainment Reviews

Batman Beyond is definitely one of everybody’s favorite action series on the list. I’m sure some of you would even go with it as your #1 pick. Terry McGinnis should need no introduction here. Batman Beyond has a lifespan of 3 seasons that consisted of 52 episodes. It ran from January, 1999, to December, 2011.


#4. Pinky and the Brain

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 4

Image Source: imanartiiist – DeviantArt

What are we going to do today Brain. Try to take over Google search with the best top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series list ever created. Pinky and the Brain is another one that some of you may have chosen as your favorite. Definitely one of the greatest comedy based animated series ever created. The show ran for 4 seasons that produced 65 episodes, beginning in September, 1995, and ending in November, 1998.


#3. Superman: The Animated Series

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 3

Image Source: Crisis on Infinite Thoughts

Some of you were probably wondering why Superman: The Animated Series hasn’t shown up on the list yet. Your probably really surprised I chose it over Batman: The Animated Series. Personally I think the shows were nearly identical. I’m just way more of a Superman fan than Batman. The series ran for 4 seasons that produced 65 episodes. It ran from September, 1995, ending in November, 1998.


#2. Animaniacs

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 2

Image Source: Animaniacs Wiki – Fandom

Oh yeah! We’ve made it down to #2, and I think the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot are well deserved of this position. WB Animation is known for doing 2 things great when it comes to animation, action and comedy. The Animaniacs definitely are my #1 pick in the comedy department. This series had one of my favorite casts of wacky characters of all time. The Animaniacs ran for 4 season that produced 65 zany episodes. The series premiered in September, 1995, and made it until November, 1998.


#1. Justice League

Top 20 Warner Bros. Animated Series From The 90s To Now - #UD 1

Image Source: Screen Rant

My #1 choice of all is hands down Justice League. I know Justice League Unlimited is considered its own series, but I’ve always seen it as one show. Its not just my favorite on the list, but its my favorite action based animated series in history. The original Justice League series ran for 2 seasons that consisted of 52 episodes. It aired in November, 2001, and ended in May, 2004.


Info Source – Wikipedia


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