The independent studio Celsius Online, known for games such as  the critically acclaimed web-based mmorpg ‘Renaissance Kingdoms‘ has acquired the assets of Kobojo and Ouat Entertainment.


Founded in 2004, Celsius Online, one of the oldest French video game development studio, keeps expanding by focusing its effort on web-based and mobile casual/midcore games.


With this operation, Celsius Online acquires the games lineups of both studios, amongst which ‘Mutants: Genetic Gladiators’, ‘Voyage to Fantasy’ and ‘Primal Legends’.


“We are delighted to welcome these great games which have developed strong communities over time,” says Lévan Sardjevéladzé, CEO at Celsius Online“The high quality and the synergies of these games with our own games lineup will open up new opportunities – for instance, Celsius Heroes and Primal Legends which are both different takes on the match-3 genre. We’re going to update, improve and invest on Kobojo and Ouat’s games. At the same time, our main priority remains our in-house project, the extremely ambitious mobile game ‘Renaissance Kingdoms: Return to the Kingdoms’.”


Celsius Online Acquires Kobojo & Ouat Entertainment - #UD 2


Following up on ‘Renaissance Kingdoms’, the first web-based browser MMORPG since 2004 (translated in 25 languages with more than 4 millions players), ‘Renaissance Kingdoms: Return to the Kingdoms’ brings this open-world simulation of 15th century Europe to mobile users with unique new features, including exciting minigames and an immersive choice-driven story system. It is set to be released 2018Q1.


About Celsius Online
Celsius Online is an independent studio based in Paris which has been developing games for more than ten years. Celsius Online has designed the internationally acclaimed game Renaissance Kingdoms which has become the first role playing web-based game in Europe. In 2014, Celsius Online has released March of History, a massively multiplayer web-based strategy game which has won the  2014 Ping Award for the Best Web and Social Game. Celsius Online also develops innovative cross-platform technologies (web/Facebook/iOS/Android) which are notably used in Celsius Heroes, an unprecedented old-school RPG/Match-3 mix.


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