Taryn Southern Top 5 & Musician Review

Taryn Southern is one of America’s coolest entertainers in my opinion. Shes as musically talented as she is adorable.


Taryn Southern is a super-mega monster superstar on YouTube. Shes so cool that 10k views on one of her videos is a bad day. She varies in musical styles ranging from comedy to pop to a wide variety of covers. She also is a very successful vlogger, and has the coolest personality around.


I’ve briefly chatted with Taryn on Facebook, and shes just as sweet as I imagined she would be. I’ve been following her content for a couple years now. I’m not sure if you can consider Taryn Southern a hidden YouTube gem because she has made quite a name for herself, but I think everyone should check her out if they haven’t already. Like Google, Taryn is AMAZING! If you don’t know, then “Google that Shit!”


The following top 5 Music Video List is based off of my personal favorites. Even though I’m totally a fanboy who’s blushing because he knows she’ll probably read this, I plan to remain unbiased in the following review.


Taryn Southern’s Top 5 Music Videos


#5. WRONG HOLE with DJ Lubel, Taryn Southern, and Scott Baio

Video Source – DJ Lubel


When I said Taryn has the best personality, I wasn’t kidding. She has such a great sense of humor. I think this might be one of the funniest songs shes done. It sounds so serious for the basis of the song. This video gets extra points for featuring Scott Baio. DJ Lubel is also a funny guy. Check out his channel on the source link above.


#4. Living On A Prayer (Bon Jovi Cover)


Wow! What an amazing cover to such a beautiful song. I’ve always loved this song, and its much nicer to watch it come out of a beautiful women, rather than a guy who looks like a women.


#3. I Think I Farted

Video Source – 就是愛翻譯-Parody+外國非主流music video


I don’t care how many times I listen to this song, I’ll laugh every time. I think this is my favorite comedy song of all time. We’ve all let out a silent creeper in public, and should be able to relate. I also relate with Adam Sandler’s Piece of Shit Car, so its a toss up.


2. Royals Featuring Julia Price (Lorde Cover)


This is the song the really made me see Taryn’s true musical talent. I think her and Julia Price covered this song better than the official Lorde version. These two fine ladies are a lot better looking than Lordey, so I don’t think they have to worry about cutting their teeth on their lips. Seriously! Whats up with Lorde’s lips and always talking about cutting teeth?


#1. Google That Shit

Video Source – 就是愛翻譯-Parody+外國非主流music video


As a webmaster people are constantly asking me how to do everything. Several times a weeks I usually quote Taryn when I say “Google That Shit!” I don’t know if I can relate with any song more than this one. You gotta love when that beat drops and she breaks it down. This is without a doubt one of my favorite songs. Shes so cool!


Musician Review


Hopefully the above Top 5 Music Videos List was enough for you to get a good feel for who Taryn is as an artist. I’ll be basing my 5 star musician review on 6 factors, and will remain unbiased in my ratings. Taryn’s music speaks for itself, and doesn’t need me to sugar coat it.


Vocal Skills – 95%

Taryn just isn’t a one trick pony who just does comedy videos. When she wants to be serious she has an amazing singing voice. Though I’m not into a lot of her serious music because it doesn’t match my personal style, I still have very much respect for her talent as a musician.


Comedy – 100%

When it comes to comedy based music Taryn is the cream that has risen to the top. You gotta love her sense of humor. How many women have the balls to put out a song about silent farts? When it comes to comedy based music I think she is already on Adam Sandler and Weird Al’s level.


Versatility – 90%

Taryn is a very versatile artist. A majority of her music is very girly, but she can flip the script on command. Her Bon Jovi and Oasis covers are amazing. She nailed Royals so hard she out did Lorde on her own song. Its rare when I think a cover is better than the original. She gets extra points for being open minded. I’d like to hear her do an Evenescence or Flyleaf cover in the future.


Video Quality – 95%

Taryn obviously puts a lot of love into everything she does. She keeps the videos coming, and they all are well produced. Very few artist put out as many music videos as she does. I doubt shes ever produced a song that she didn’t make a video for. She is on her game with every vid!


Collaborations – 80%

When your a musician who you collaborate with says a lot about you. Taryn is very well respected on the music scene, and rolls with a cool crew. You seen her and Julia representing in the Royals video. Shes done very many collaborations with some really cool people. I recommend you browse the videos on her channel.


Cuteness – 100%

Taryn is extremely adorable. Amazing musician, humble personality, excellent sense of humor, and beautiful on top of it all. Her poster should be on every young boys wall across America. When it comes to cuteness she gets 5 stars across the board.


Final Average Musician Score – 93%

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Taryn is working hard on the scene nearly everyday to entertain her fans. There is no better way to show an artist appreciation than following their online pages. Her main platform is YouTube, but of course she has expanded to other networks.

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