Ordinary citizens will be able to subscribe to a serious surveillance service that will fight against terror attacks around the world.


A new Mobile app by Marlin NY will link directly to drones to combat terrorism.


Marlin NY has already commenced in developing an app that will fight terrorism with ordinary citizens subscribing to a network called “Community Watch App” that will link directly to Marlin NY’s headquarters and Drones overhead. These communications will filter credible leads and potentially catastrophic events through the services of former trained law enforcement personnel.


It’s time to fight back with ordinary citizens keeping an eye on the world that we live in for safety. Marlin NY’s Community Watch App is being developed with the assistance of critical partners and affiliates in Canada and scheduled for release by the end of this Summer. The Company will assist in the fight against terror through the collaboration of important information to the federal governments worldwide along with local law enforcement striving to save lives from terrorism.


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Community Watch App Links to Drones to Fight Against Terror - #UD 2



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