Juggernauts Collide In Fight of Gods

Fight of Gods is an intense fighting game that featuring many Titans from religion and mythology.


I noticed Fight of Gods just before the game hit early access a few days ago. Its rare when I contact a developer about a review copy, but I was so impressed with the trailer I decided to drop Digital Crafter a message.


This morning when I checked my email as I ate breakfast I was overly enthusiast to find a review key. I got to installing and setting up my recording software right away. The follow video is the official game trailer. You can find my Early Access First Impression Game-play video before the review section of this article.


Video Source – PQubeGames


Fight of Gods hit Steam’s early Access on Sep 4, 2017. Its an intense fighting game featuring many well known titans from religion and history like Jesus, Zeus, Odin, and more. The stages feature such locations as The Garden of Eden and Mount Olympus.


Before I start my review I’d like to point out that Fight of Gods is still in early access. That means the developers think this game is already so awesome that they want to give the public a sample of whats to come. Sometimes Early Access games can have many bugs, and really shouldn’t be on the market just yet. I personally haven’t found any with my game-play experience so far.



Fight of Gods Early Access Review

This review will be based on the following 6 factors that I think are the most important. You can find a review widget at the bottom of the article with the factors scores.



When it comes to fighting games one of the most important factors is how the game controls.


It synced seamlessly with my wired Xbox 360 controller, which is very important. The thought of playing a fighting game with a keyboard and mouse is scary and would be near impossible for me.


The controls are very smooth, and I had no complaints. The button configuration is very easy to get down. Most of the moves are very easy to perform, and the combos are nice. Blocking works as it should.


While the existing throws are cool, I think they could add some more depth in this department. The super-moves like Jesus’s Rapture are really cool, but I still am not 100% sure how to pull them off. With Zeus in training mode it was as simple as just tapping the LB button once.


Overall the control is excellent. The movement and moves all feel very fluid and spot on.



A cool character-base is one of the main things that defines a fighting game. It doesn’t get much cooler than powerful juggernauts from religion and mythology.


So far the game contains 10 playable characters, and a really cool boss. All of them have really nice individual moves that match them well.


While only 10 playable characters isn’t a lot by today’s fighting game standards, the developers plan on releasing more. They are very active with their audience, and are looking for suggestions on which Gods to add next. There are so many cool Gods, so there is much potential in the character department.


The existing characters are illustrated in great detail. The added many nice touches like Jesus still having the ends of the cross nailed to his hands, and Moses lugging the 10 commandments around like Santa Clause’s toy sack.



Like the detailed character illustration, the stages are excellent. I thought it was so cool that Eve is hanging out on one side of the stage with the Serpent, while Adam is chillaxing on the other side, with the Fruit of Knowledge floating in the middle.


Also like the characters, I can’t express how impressed I am with the detail of the stages. If you have some good ideas for settings I’m sure the developers are open to suggestions.



So far the only unlockable content I noticed are character skins. It looks like each character has 4 skins to unlock. For beating arcade mode on easy with Jesus I unlocked a skin for Moses.


Injustice 2 is a great example of how unlockable features can increase a fighting games value. Hopefully as they add more characters, stages, and content they will add a lot more unlockable content. Skins are always cool, but the more unlockable content the better in my opinion. That’s one of the key things that keeps gamers coming back.



The games music comes out a bit loud. Of course most of us will fix it to our liking ourselves, but many noobs overlook options and just deal with it. So having the music and effects set to the right level are important to a degree.


The sound effects aren’t bad, and I always love when characters come out with cheesy one-liners before the fight.



The storyline is the main thing I think this game can improve on. They add a brief text-based storyline with each character, but it reminds me of a storyline from a Sega Genesis fighting game. I think this game has so much potential for creating an amazing story for each character.


Fight of Gods | Steam Early Access Review - #UD 4Overall

Overall I am so impressed with this game. The characters so far are great, the stages are visually pleasing, and the controls are excellent. I think Digital Crafter has a major hit on their hands here, and this game still has so much potential to grow.


Something that is really nice is that their running a 40% off promotion until Sept 11, 2017. It cost $4.79 with the promotion discount, and is reasonably priced at $7.99 regularly. I highly recommend checking it out!!!


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Fight of Gods | Steam Early Access Review
I am very impressed with Fight of Gods! I can't wait to see the game in its finished form. One of the best Early Access Games I've ever tried out.
The Good
  • Great Controls
  • Awesome Character Roster So Far
  • Very Cool Stages
The Bad
  • Not Enough Unlockables
  • Storyline Doesn't Meet Its Full Potential
3.2Genel Puan
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