Caveman Warriors

Caveman Warriors Is A Prehistoric Platformer That Is Reinventing The Wheel When It Comes To Cooperative Game-play.


Lets jump back in time to please our inner Troglodyte in Caveman Warriors. Inspired by games like New Super Mario, Joe & Mac, Metal Slug, Castle Crashers and Trine.


Video Source – JanduSoft S.L.


Developed by JanduSoft S.L., Caveman Warriors is a 1-4 player cooperative platformer with a beautiful design. Like in Lost Vikings you have to cycle through different characters and use their abilities in unity to complete each stage.


You can play with up to 4 players in co-op or online multiplayer. While the game is much more fun with friends, it can be played solo. Since getting through the levels requires some light thinking, you may want to make sure your partners are smarter than a Geico Caveman.


Each level contains different enemies which sometimes can provide a difficult challenge. The funky art style is one of this games greatest assets. The enemies and bosses are very creative, and can be as difficult as they are cool looking. Sometimes the bosses can be a little to tough, and that’s the games biggest drawback in my opinion.


Caveman Warriors Prehistoric Platformer Review - #UD 2


The game does include additional levels you can unlock, but is seriously lacking in the unlockables department. The game is fun to play with friends for a while, but with so little to unlock I don’t think it has much replay value.


The controls are pretty smooth and intuitive. At first it took a minute to adjust to cycling through characters to use the right abilities. By the time you get the flow of the game down you’ve reached your first boss, which is no push over.


I think Caveman Warriors is a fun game to play with friends for a short while. The artwork is nice to look at, and the music is funky. The game-play may prove to be more challenging then some gamers are into. Overall I’m going to rate it with a positive user rating. Its definitely not as cool as I hoped it would be, but its alright if your looking for a decent couch co-op on Steam. My wife hated it, and rated it as garbage.


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Caveman Warriors Prehistoric Platformer Review
Caveman Warriors is nice to look at, but definitely not the game of the year.
The Good
  • Nice Artwork
  • Decent Controls
  • Couch Co-op
The Bad
  • Not Enough Unlockables
  • Overly Complicated Bosses
  • Gets Old Fast
2.3Overall Score
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