Godzilla: Save All Monsters


Godzilla: Save All Monster is a retro re-skin of original Ms. Pac-man where instead of playing as the Pac your Godzilla. Instead of being chased by ghost, your pursued by military vehicles.


Instead of the goal being to save Ms. Pac-man, you meet up with your girlfriend in between levels. I assume his girlfriend is Komodithrax from the 1998 animated series. That’s right, Godzilla once had a girlfriend. He also had a son that predated her name Godzooky.


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This retro re-skin was created by my buddy Eric Son. I knew Eric was a beast with electronics, but I had no idea he was interested in game development. It was a complete surprise when he sent me the link.


Eric Son did a fantastic job of hacking this rom. The controls are fluid, and the music is on point. If you watched my game-play video then you can see that I obviosly suck at Ms. Pac-man type games. I rarely make it past the fourth stage. That still doesn’t stop me from enjoying them.


Godzilla: Save All Monsters | NES Retro Romhack - #UD 2


About Godzilla: Save All Monsters

In the distant future the monsters of monster island get out of control , the people of earth put all there forces together to go country to country hunting them down one by one forcing the monsters into hiding, The only monster left strong enough to take the cities out and save them is Godzilla!


He goes in search of his monster comrades while destroying all mankind in his path. ) Each level has a different monster to collect which is optional but of course you cant pass the stage without first destroying every building on the level , run through power plants {Blinking facility} to get strong enough to take out ultra tanks which will evade via Hydra when a power plant is destroyed.


If you’d like to check out Godzilla: Save All Monsters for yourself, the following download is 100% free. You will need a NES emulator to run the rom however.


Download It Here: https://tinyurl.com/yantn6f5


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