Welcome to the future! When I was a kid most parents told their children that video games rot your brain. Now NeuroPlus helps stimulate it.


Technology has come a long way since I was a child. I came across the NeuroPlus on Kickstarter, and immediately said, in your face Dad. These games don’t rot your brain, they stimulate it. So lets take a look at what this marvelous piece of tech has to offer.


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Control games with your mind! Clinically proven to boost attention. Fully designed, tested, and ready for production.


NeuroPlus is clinically proven to improve attention and self-control. The clinical benefits of software using neurofeedback and biofeedback has been understood for years. You can rewire your brain!


They’ve been demonstrating behavioral and attention improvements with their video games for over two years, but they’ve relied on headsets manufactured by others. Having worked with so many kids and adults, they discovered several headset improvements that would make playing their games easier and more enjoyable. But they wanted to make sure we could deliver a safe and reliable product on time. After years of designing and testing their innovations, they created the NeuroPlus headset.


Their mission: Make lives better, now.


Making better grades, meeting deadlines, avoiding all-nighters—all of these are possible with better focus. There’s a multi-billion industry targeting kids with attention problems, and as adults age, we know that it requires effort to stay at peak levels of the brain’s ability. Just like bodies need exercise to stay in shape, neuroscience research indicates neurofeedback and biofeedback can improve your brain’s ability to stay focused until these skills become second nature.


This breakthrough has been to create an affordable, portable, and fun game environment that yields measurable progress customers can track.


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Here’s How It Works

NeuroPlus combines neurofeedback, biofeedback, and cognitive training exercises with mobile training games that users control by wearing our brain-sensing EEG headband. Players receive real-time feedback on their focus level, relaxation, and stillness while playing fun training games, and use that feedback to practice attention, calmness, and self-control.


Neurofeedback Trains Focus

Many studies have shown neurofeedback helps people improve their ability to focus. Neurofeedback is the process of training your brain to function more efficiently by giving you visual or audio feedback on your electrical brain activity.


The NeuroPlus wireless brain-sensing EEG headset measures your brain activity to determine when you’re focused, and the games reward you for paying attention.


For example, in one game your focus will control the speed of a flying dragon. The better you focus, the faster the dragon will fly, but if you get distracted, the dragon will stop.


By measuring your brain waves through neurofeedback and applying that feedback to the gameplay, they’re able to help you learn to control your focus and increase your attention over time.

Biofeedback Trains Calmness

For some people, it can be incredibly difficult to keep still and calm for long periods of time. Biofeedback is the process of training self-control and relaxation by monitoring your own body and muscle activity.


The NeuroPlus headset uses sensors to track your movement and muscle activity. If you show any kind of hyperactivity, impulsive physical behavior, or excessive muscle tension like jaw clenching, you’ll begin to lose points and face other penalties in the games.


For example, in one game you’ll receive a “Keep Still” warning if you’re moving too much or a “Relax” warning if you’re not keeping your muscles calm.




Cognitive Training Exercises Reduce Impulsivity

A challenge for many is knowing how to respond to thoughts, sounds, or impulses that compete for our attention. NeuroPlus games incorporate “go/no-go” cognitive training exercises designed by neuroscientists to reduce impulsivity and improve self-control.


Their games will present you with stimuli that are either targets or distractors, and you will have to respond quickly and accurately in order to earn points and progress through the game.


For example, you’ll be asked to shoot down red monsters and ignore blue monsters. If you shoot the wrong color monster then you’ll lose points.

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