Does RFID Technology Scare You?

Prior to 2012 I have to admit the RFID Technology conspiracy theories had me kind of freaked out. Just about every conspiracy video you came across 7 years ago touched on RFID technology. Usually they made references to it being the mark of the beast, or secret societies controlling the technology.


I’m not the religious type, so I paid little mind to the 666 Beast chatter. Another theory behind the chips is that seedy governments plan to force them on the masses as a means of tracking and control. The idea of this conspiracy theory leads to complete government control where every aspect of our lives will be taken over. This theory can also go into a dark genocidal depopulation agenda, and world wide chaos controlled with martial law. These ideas may sound silly to some, but there is an amazing amount of people who really believe this is all coming soon.


What Do You Think About RFID Technology? - #UD 3


Lets face it, not to many people around the world trust their government. The thought of the United States gov taking full control of my life is a scary thought indeed. I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories, and I understand many of them are to promote fear mongering. I do have to admit I’m kind of concerned now to see the technology is growing.


As I was browsing the internet for interesting stories, I just came across a press release from a RFID chip manufacturer named 32Market. The title of the press release reads, “Three Square Market Offers to Microchip Employees at ‘Chip Party'”


I don”t think 32Market is referring to the kind of chip party where your expected to show up with your own bag of salt and vinegar. They really are celebrating with a microchip implant party.


“Three Square Market (32M) is offering implanted chip technology to all employees at a “Chip Party” at their company headquarters in River Falls, Wisconsin. Company employees will have the option to voluntarily implant an RFID microchip between the thumb and forefinger underneath the skin. The RFID chip, which does not have tracking capabilities, will allow employees to make purchases in the company’s break room market, open doors, log in to computers and use copy machines among other things.” Said 32Market


What Do You Think About RFID Technology? - #UD 2

Did you notice that they’re very specific about the chips not having tracking capabilities. The fact that they announced that in the first paragraph of their press release only freaks me out more. Keep your damn chips away from me skynet!


I’m not saying that this company is up to anything shady, or trying to bash them in anyway. I did however think its very funny they labeled something that many think is so sinister as a ‘chip party’. I’ll bring the dip!


I’m poking a little fun at this subject, but its one people around the world have been concerned about for the last decade. Please let us know what you think about the Chip Party, or RFID Conspiracy Theories in general down in the comment section below.


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