Has somebody recently ticked you off, and your currently plotting your revenge? Why not get that revenge with some stinky cheese? 

This is not a joke post. A new company called Cheesy Revenge launched last week on Reddit. Their sole product is stinky cheese, and they want to ship it to your enemies


This New Website Ships Stinky Cheese Anonymously - #GTUSA 2


A new Nashville-based company called Cheesy Revenge launched last week and they want to send stinky cheese to your enemies.


The website homepage states that they use “Premium, hand crafted cheeses with no preservatives” to get an extra stink. They also claim to ship each order anonymously, and to provide tracking so the sender will know when the cheese arrives at their enemies house.


The founder states that he started the business after he shipped cheese to a car mechanic who wronged him, and he was satisfied with his revenge. Currently, the site has two packages, and each one includes tracking so you know when your cheese will arrive. Each order is also 100% anonymous and for an extra $2, you can choose to send a follow up letter explaining why you sent them cheese.

This New Website Ships Stinky Cheese Anonymously - #GTUSA 3

Cheesy Revenge is Only 9.95

  • All orders ship in a small, smell-proof package like the one you see here.
  • Each order includes a premium, hand crafted, stinky cheese.
  • Each order includes an optional follow-up letter which is arrives the day after your recipient receives the package.
  • Recipients disappointment/confusion is guaranteed.

Revenge is not sweet, it’s smelly.

Imagine getting a box of stinky cheeses in the mail. Your enemies will be so confused!

  • We use premium, hand crafted cheeses with no preservatives. Premium stinky cheeses smell like gym socks. Just ask the French!
  • All orders ship within 1 business day for free! Complete tracking information is provided. You will know exactly when your cheese arrives!
  • They will never know it was you, unless you tell them! We do offer an optional follow up letter for free. You can use this to express your feelings.

Order Your Revenge Cheese Here


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