Upcoming SmartGames Coin to Be Released

A new coin name being discussed in the crypto world this week is the SmartGames token. So what is a smart games token? 


Created on the Waves platform, SmartGames allows a user to digitally participate in a hypothetical online and mobile game company’s growth and profits.


SmartGames coin is dividend-fueled and will be base for investments in portfolio of online and mobile games for grown up and clever audiences, making it a special player due to this rather underexplored market niche.


Upcoming SmartGames Coin Coming Soon - #UD 2


How the payout works?

Each quarter the game-based companies reported earnings will be converted into Waves based coins (USD or BitCoin backed) and distributed among shareholders. The Pre-ICO for this coin just began Aug. 1 with a 50% off discounted sale running until Aug 6. The creators team CT Influence Games (CTIG) specializes in what appears to be top tier games for the serious and business gamers.


The Number of Tokens to be distributed are 5,300,000 and all unsold coins will be erased after the ICO. Read more here.


One of their main games they are offering on this platform seems to be Bizworld.guru. The premise of the game is to simulate the business environment by using your cards in a team environment to manage and allocate resources for your company to grow profits, much like in a real world scenario.


The creators claim, “We have collected a deep examination in the field of corporate world. This game was the culmination of several years of working out projects for a very promising ‘cocktail’ of three target audiences.”


The BizWorld game is available for both mobile and desktop platforms.



Another game-based platform from the CTIG team, called Business Games Club (BGC), falls under the Corporate Education field. BGC appears to be a simulation based training platform that allows users to improve their real world corporate conduct in order to improve patterns and behaviours as they relate to the workplace.


The BGC platform claims to cut down on the traditional costs associated with hiring multiple in person trainers for your staff. This Token will be buy back based and will be used as a means of exchange and transactions for B2B digital education services, also based on Waves. This project is ICOed separately under http://edutainment.tech/corp-edu, meaning team will split if both ICOs are successful.


Upcoming SmartGames Coin Coming Soon - #UD 3


See what the CEO, Alexander Tolkach has to say about their B2B games platform.

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  1. Ann Taylor

    Great, more micro transactions. Why else would you need crypto coins. This biz model is ruining mobile gaming.

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