Long gone are the days of slavery and segregation in the United States of America!



Welcome to the United States of America in the year 2017. A time where we have evolved with the aid of modern technology. food is plentiful, transportation is lightning fast, the majority have roofs over their heads, and we have something called EQUALITY.


Recently Our Country has seen an up-rising in Hate. The white hate groups are out hating the black folks, and the black hate group are retaliating with more hate. Meanwhile the the Asian-American and Latin-American population is saying,”what a bunch of dumb asses.”


While the hate is spreading, mass media is feasting on the idiocy like vampires. So what do the people do? They take it to social media. The masses have feed into the hate plague and helped the hate go viral. What a great use of this amazing invention we call the Internet.


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I like to have fun on my websites, and love to share positive content people can enjoy. Its not always fun and games. I try to avoid topics like Politics and Religion like the plague. I hate covering negative topics, but every once in a while I have to speak up and hope to get through to a very closed minded society. Post about something negative and American’s will eat it up like Burger King. Try to talk about a positive solution, and your probably gone by now…


Empires! They rise, they fall, and history always repeats itself. Have we ever questioned why this happens? Could it be due to a history of war, hate, and selfish rich people?


I see an opportunity to change the course of history with this civilization. We have something our predecessors didn’t have. Modern Technology! We have a database of free knowledge that we can access at our finger tips at any given time. We are not primitive man reading sparse books by candle light. We are becoming intelligent at much faster rate in the last 2 decades. Thanks to social media we can connect in a way we never have before. The internet has changed the face of the world completely.


While many refuse to open their minds, the majority is evolving. Though most of the country are modern day debt slaves, the days of slavery can come to an end. Main stream media says, hey look over there. I say say fuck it, lets put it all on the table and sort it out. We don’t need a handful of rich untrustworthy turd-sandwiches to call all of our shots for us anymore. Due to the current state of affairs they are clearly blind to the green shine, and incompetent to lead the masses to thrive. They are obviously destroying the garden that humanity is suppose to be tending.


It sucks to talk about this negative bullshit, I know. If the media wants to talk about negative topics I can create a quick list for them off the top of my head.

  • Nation Debt Crisis
  • Prescription Drug epidemic brought on by government backed BIG PHARMA
  • Diabetes epidemic
  • Environmental issues
  • Wildlife dropping from the skies
  • Beaches filled with Dead aquatic Life
  • A food supply tainted with bad additives
  • Rising homeless population
  • Our elderly being neglected
  • Our sick not able to afford proper care
  • declining schooling system


The short above list is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately the iceberg has severaly melted due to global warming, and we only have the tip left.

Everyday I question how everyone can’t see what I see. The ruling class dick-slaps us in the face everyday with all of this. We live in the land of milk and honey. Most of the above issues could easily be handled if we simply came together. Instead are we really still stuck on the color of skin thing? Do we really care about our actor presidents fake suntan? WTF is going on fellow American’s? Is this what our Founding Fathers fought to prevent. Have rich bankers taken over? Is our empire now in trouble because they snaked their way in? Is saying something about it Treason or Patriotic? Have we not learned anything from history? Who gives a shit about their neighbors color of skin, we have big issues at hand!


I said “STOP!” Whats that sound? Everybody look whats going down!!!


If your really still racist in America I encourage you to learn to keep it to yourself. Equality is reality, and bitching about it is counterproductive to the advancement of our country. We have an amazing position in the world food chain. What we do really reflects to the rest of the world. Our founding fathers gave us a blessing. They gave us the freedom to change the world. The majority of us feeding into the racism frenzy isn’t only counterproductive for our country, but it sets a bad example for the rest of the world who is watching our every step.


So whats really the solution for American’s? I say we need to all clean our own houses before we go passing judgement. Instead of pointing the finger, we need to accept responsibility for our own actions. Instead of bitching about problems, we need to start seeking positive solutions. We need to be grateful for the gifts our fore fathers passed on to us, and do everything in our power to see that they get passed onto our great grandchildren.


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Live Snapshot of World Debt Clock From Time of Creating Article.

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I have news for you American’s. You are more than just debt-slaves. Your 9 to 5 working for someone else doesn’t define you. White, Black, Yellow, or Tan, what we all say and do really makes a difference. Every action has a reaction. Ever heard the Butterfly Effect? Every action we make can change the course of time. Feeding into negativity only breeds more negativity. Negativity tends to build to a boiling point if you don’t put a lid on it, and eventually explodes.


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Times They Are A Changing!

The future is what we make it. Its not like this blog will really make a world changing difference, but it might help somebody change something for the positive in just a small way. Or encourage them to actually talk about something that might matter. I’m proud of my freedom of speech our founding fathers fought hard for. I’m a proud intelligent open minded patriotic American who is not afraid to call it like it is.


Things are looking pretty grim for the state of our union. Our National Debt far exceeds the rest of the world. We realized we were in a debt crisis years ago. Everybody went crazy about it for a while, then the crisis slowly got pushed to the back burner. It didn’t go away by any means. Instead its increased like crazy. Eventually this will topple our empire we call the united states. We have bigger things to worry about then hate groups that are struggling to adapt to equality. If we don’t change our ways its our children and grandchildren who will suffer the consequences down the road.


I see a nation full of intelligent people who are rapidly growing. People are becoming more intelligent by the day. It doesn’t seem like it because that’s not what the media is pushing, but I see it everyday. I’m on the front lines of the internet. I own websites, and am a journalist/ writer. I share content and converse with strangers everyday. I think the internet is waking people up, and we are growing. We don’t have to feed into the bullshit. I encourage you to do the opposite and focus on things that matter. If we all focused on becoming the greatest versions of ourselves we can be, the world would be a wonderful place. If everybody continues to focus on their neighbors, the chaos will build until the planet caves in on itself.


I encourage you to focus on positive things. If your racist then keep it to yourself. Don’t be the turd in the punch bowl that is going against progress. Our society has come along way. Growing up 3 of my best friends were Black, Italian, and Indian. We played together everyday. Race wasn’t a second thought in our minds. We had fun as we learned together. We played sports as a team. That’s the beauty that is the United States of America.


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