“Bringing Love” Through The Language of Music

Artists from 17 nationalities united together in Hollywood to show the beauty of peace, unity and love through the language of music and the performing arts.


Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi, founder and producer of InterContinental Concerts (ICC), announced the video release of the Bringing Love Show (4th InterContinental Concert in Hollywood) as well as the release of the new world fusion classical electronic single entitled “Destiny” at the 2017 release celebration held by ICC in Hollywood.


ICC staged a live multicultural event (Bringing Love Show) at Musicians Institute in Hollywood involving upcoming and established artists from different cultures creating a better world today.  The event involved multimedia projections and demonstrated success through the cultural diversity of performances, the common connection we all have to music and promoting values like peace, unity and love.



The Artists and crew of the Bringing Love Show Include:

  1. Alap Abooty
  2. Andre Cruz
  3. Brendon Allen
  4. Bhargav Choudhury
  5. Cheng-Wen Yeh
  6. Genesis Quezada
  7. Hao Jia Sun
  8. Sagar Chawla
  9. Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi
  10. Bonnie Daffoe
  11. Charvez Eaddy
  12. Elisabeth Borne
  13. Flaviyake
  14. Lucy Monciel
  15. Maria Di Cara
  16. Oscar Mejia
  17. PS The ReBels
  18. Vasilia Meliou
  19. Jay Ordonez
  20. Joergen Aase
  21. Jordan Humphries


The single, “Destiny” is a collaboration between Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi and Lucy Monciel as a world fusion classical electronic track with Duduk solos (Armenian Instrument). The concept of the song emphasize on a simple fact that is believed in so many cultures; what ever we do, it will come back to us. So, let’s make our destiny by practicing balance, happiness and peace in order to bring good things back in to our lives!


Destiny is now available on all music markets and streaming services like iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Apple Music, Spotify and etc.


InterContinental Concerts is a multimedia production organization that produces music, concerts and videos. They value diversity and promote unity among all people on earth. Their primary goal is to bring together artists from around the world to participate in various productions and projects in order to create unique media art programs. Since 2011, ICC produced concerts, music videos and award wining music tracks. These results were achieved by working with 145 artists from 45 nationalities.


Bring the Love is the ICC’s message to the world. Hatred is the driving force for violence and war, the number one’s disease in today’s global world. While surrounded by all these negatives forces ICC believes in growing love as the only solution. There is no gun more effective or more precise than the power of love.



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