My Transition From Console to PC Gaming!

Hello all you beautiful people reading this. My name is Blane Foxx and today I will be sharing my thoughts on my transition from Console gaming to Pc gaming.


I’ve been gaming since I can remember. I started gaming on an Atari 2600 when I was just 5 years old. We never had the money to get new games, or consoles for that matter. Over time I moved from console to console, enjoying every minute of it. Ignoring the constant “PC is better” speeches everyone gave me. I remember the feeling of sitting in front of the television wasting hours on Darksouls, and so many other console gems.


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Then the day of reckoning came. As much as I loved Console gaming it was very hard to afford every new game and console. They seemed to just kept to coming. The last console I owned was the PlayStation 4. The games were so expensive my wallet couldn’t keep up. I decided it was time to invest into the ever expanding world of PC gaming. I packed up my PS4 and hurried eagerly to the nearest Gamestop, Sold my Playstion 4 for $150 big ones, and journeyed to walmart


I remember the excitement I felt walking toward the electronics section. I was enchanted by the Selection of Computers I had to choose from. Then my Heart sunk, all these computers were way over my price range. As I started walking away in defeat, a worker walked up and asked if i needed help. I ended up Buying a Dell Inspirion 11 from the 300 series.


My Transition From Console to PC Gaming! - #UD 2

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I started Gaming immediately. I was opened to a world of gaming i never knew existed. I blasted through indie games with anticipation. I can assure you I’m 100 percent content with this purchase. I never knew gaming like this.


I’ve said goodbye to my Console gaming days. If your thinking of buying a PC i urge you to do so, you wont be disappointed. They have the biggest variety of games to play I’ve ever seen, anywhere from free to  play games on steam, to thousands of games on Gamejolt . If you have doubts on getting a new PC, Don’t! It may be the best decision you’ll make when it comes to gaming.


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