PC Gaming Online Resource List for PC Gamers on a Budget

Whether if your new to PC Gaming or a pro then these sites were made for you. This list is originally from an article I did on GT USA I dubbed, “Gaming Doesn’t Have To Be So Expensive “. I hope you find it useful.


Steam – Should need no introduction. They have a vast library of free games, and always have sales going on in their Specials category.


Gog – Gog has a lot of free PC games, and many quality cheap games as well. Its nowhere near as popular as Steam, but is a very good resource to mention.


Origin – Origin is very similar to Steam, and worth checking out. They don’t have a crazy selection of free games, but rather offer one free high quality game to download free forever they call their “On The House” program.


Gamejolt – Gamejolt is one of the best sites to find free indie games. Its one of the main go to’s for indie developers. Many of the games are low quality and created by new young developers. On the other hand sorting through their huge library of free games can provide many fun games to keep you busy for a long time.


itch.io – Another go to for indie game lovers and developers.


Indie DB, Mod DB, & Gamefront – All 3 of these sites are some of the best places to find free indie games, demos, and mod files. They also provide widget embed codes so you can put their games on your website to download free. We usually go with Indie DB for our Free Downloads, but all 3 are amazing resources.


Emuparadise – This is probably the #1 site to find Emulators. They also offer many roms, iso’s, tools, etc. Roms are legal to download if you own the original copies. GT USA does not condone piracy, so do so at your own risk.


Romhustler – Very similar to Emuparadise. This site is one of the #1 sites to find Roms. They also have many emulators and other free resources. My above piracy warning applies to this site as well.


Kinguin – Kinguin is an open marketplace where gamers sell their digital games. Mostly Steam games. Many times the games you find on this site are cheaper than Steam’s games when their on sale.


G2A – This site is very similar to Kinguin. Only they still are in bad standings with me because of their shady spamming methods. These guys are the king of spammers in the gaming niche. With both Kinguin and G2A you may encounter shady dealers. Use with caution and common sense. Both are great sites to find killer deals though.


Bundle Stars – There are several sites that are known for selling bundles of Steam games for really cheap. Bundle Stars are one of my favorites. They also always have many games on sale not in bundle form.


Indiegala – This is another good bundle site worth mentioning. They offer a little more variety then Bundle Stars, but often the bundles aren’t as good. They also have a cool in-site trading network worth checking out.


Humble Bundle – This bundle sites offers game bundles in the name of charity. Sometimes the bundles they offer are amazing. Other times are eh. If your a deal seeker then its good to keep an eye on this site. They also offer individual game sales.


PC Gamer – If your looking to keep up with the world of PC gaming, PC gamer is a great site. While they do feature many deals and free games, I just feel that they are a resource worth mentioning.


Indie Retro News – This site is great for turning their audience onto rom hacks, free games, remakes, and other retro gaming based news. This site is a daily pit stop for many PC gamers who love classic video games.


Romhacking.net – These guys are my favorite place to find rom hack files. Most games require having an original copy of the rom, then you have to apply the hack patch, then run the newly hacked rom on an emulator. Sounds complicated, but its actually really simple. Most patches come with a read me file with basic instructions, and the site provides most of the patching software you may need for free.


Kongregate – There are many sites you can find that host free to play browser games. Kongregate is the site we use to host all of our free to play browser games in our Free Browser Arcade.


The above resource list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more awesome resources available at your fingertips. Even is your a PC gaming veteran I hope you found the resource list useful.


If you know of any other good PC based gaming sites that I missed please leave a comment below.

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