Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdow | The Beauties & The Beasts

This year At Survivor Series 2017 both Raw & Smackdown Got The Chance To Showoff Just How Amazing The Overall WWE Divas Roster Is. The 2017 Divas Are Looking Good!


Generally I don’t get that excited about Survivor Series like I would Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble or Hell in a Cell. While I usually watch Smackdown every week, the men’s divisions seem to be lacking the spark Raw has. When it comes to their Divas division I think they are both pretty equally matched.


In my opinion the 2017 Divas lineup is more impressive then its ever been. Loaded with many beauties and beasts, its hard to select which brand is the best. In this post the point isn’t to see who is superior like Survivor Series. Instead I’ll be focusing on who is the best Divas in the biz today.


Its hard to select which Divas are the overall best. So to judge this contest I’ve decided to split it into 2 separate top 5 list. The first list will be a Beauty Contest based off of who I thought looked the best at Survivor Series. The second list will be judged by who I think put on the best overall athletic performance of the year out of the 12 ladies that competed last night.


Top 5 Beauties Of Survivor Series

#5. Naomi

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 11

There is a lot of stiff competition when it comes to the Divas beauty department. If this were a battle of the booties, Naomi would win with no contest. Shes also as cool as she is beautiful with her glowing stage entrance and energetic dance style. Naomi doesn’t just look good, but she can throw down as well. On top of it all I bet she has the sweetest personality outside of the WWE. Some might say Naomi is the total package.


#4. Alexa Bliss

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 10

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Alexa Bliss has risen through the ranks to become one of my favorites. They don’t call her 5 Feet of Fury for nothing, and there is a good reason she has claimed gold on both brands. Shes not only the smallest and one of the toughest, but she is also one of the cutest. She is well aware of her deceivingly cute appearance, and often tries to use it to her advantage. And you gotta love that little biscuit-butt bouncing around in those skimpy booty shorts. I dig Alexa Bliss!


#3. Becky Lynch

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 9

You’ve got to love this little lass kicker. Those Irish eyes are hypnotizing, and shes got legs for days. Maybe its the Irish in me, but I think her accent is super hot. There is no denying that Becky Lynch is one of the most beautiful Divas in WWE Diva history. I’m sure many who read this would go with her as their #1 choice in a beauty contest.


#2. Sasha Banks

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 8

The Boss Sasha Banks knows shes a baller. For many her ghetto attitude is a turn off. I think it works for her, and I like to see her flaunt it. Sasha is petite with an amazing body shape. She knows how to work those hips. You also gotta love her long beautiful and colorful hair. I don’t think she can really consider herself The Boss of Raw with Alexa reigning as champ, but she can consider herself The Boss of my dreams!


#1. Carmella

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 7

In a top 10 list I did earlier this year, I ranked Carmella at #9. I do love a hot Jersey girl, and her long beautiful hair sets her charm off. I thought Carmella was cute when she first started, but her ring attire always seemed to make her appear just a little on the underfeed side. Since she changed her outfit to the sporty little one-piece almost bikini shes been rocking recently, her stock has obviously skyrocketed for me. I strait up love to watch her in that outfit, I’m not even gonna front here. I’ll watch Smackdown just to see her in that. Great job Shane and Daniel!



Top 5 Beast Divas of 2017


Please note that my selections are based off of who I think is the toughest, not who is the biggest or most powerful. Also, both list only include the 12 Divas who competed at Survivor Series 2017. Not all of the Divas rosters ware present last night.


#5. Becky Lynch

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 6

She might have been the first to be eliminated at last night Raw vs Smackdown Divas showdown, but don’t get it twisted, they don’t call her the Little Lass Kicker for nothing. This fiery redhead throws down like a Ireland barroom brawler should. She makes her people proud.


#4. Alexa Bliss

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 5

After Little Miss Bliss felt she conquered the Smackdown Divas division, she put herself to the test on Raw. When Charlotte Flair made the switch to Smackdown it opened the door for Sasha Banks prove she is the real Boss. But then 5 Feet of Fury came along and closed that door in her face. Alexa is as crafty as she is tough and cute. She is like the villain from a comic book, you gotta love her. Shes also dodged an oversized bullet defending her title against Nia Jax. In this case shes proved the biggest isn’t always the baddest. Now that Asuka has arrived on the scene, we’re all just waiting to see Alexa face her careers greatest challenge yet. I don’t think the mind games she played on Nia are going to work with Asuka. Things are heating up in the Raw Divas Division.


#3. Natalya Hart

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 4

Nattie Hart was born to be a wrestler. Hailing from the legendary Hart family, the WWE is in her blood. In the early days of her career in the WWE it seemed it took her a while for her to find herself. Now she is as vicious as a British Bulldog. She has become ruthless over the last couple years, and kind of scary. I like it. There are many second and third generation superstars hanging around living off their families names. I think Natalya is one of the few that can really say that they’ve earned their place in WWE history.


#2. Charlotte Flair

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 3

Charlotte is another second gen superstar that has earned her place. She hasn’t been in the spot light for as long as Nattie has, but she bleeds wrestling like Natalya does. Since Charlotte showed up shes continued to be impressive. Like Alexa Bliss, she pretty much can say shes conquered both brands, and rapidly etched her way into the WWE history books. I’m sure shes made the Nature Boy very proud.


#1. Asuka

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Divas Showdown - #UD 2

Make way for Asuka. The long reigning NXT Divas champion has made her way to Raw, and Alexa Bliss has got to be a little nervous. The Empress of Tomorrow may be the deadliest female wrestler in the history of wrestling entertainment. I don’t even think any of the men in the cruiser weight division would stand a chance against her. Last night it came down to her vs 2 of Smackdown’s best, and she seemed to make light work of both. Raw hyped Asuka up for about a month before her debut. In a very short time she has showed everybody what the hype was all about. Asuka is awesome!


Thanks For Checking Out My List!

All genuine top list are based off of the writers taste. Since everyone usually has different tastes, its rare that 2 people can totally agree on the order. Please let us know how you would rearrange the lists in the comment section below.


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