Weekly Hotels USA has made an astonishing discovery over the last few months about extended stay hotels.


They have found that more and more people are looking for hotels with kitchens when they are traveling. They believe that these people have realized that staying at an extended stay hotel has many benefits including the fact that they can save money when they have a kitchen or kitchenette in their hotel room.


Here are a few benefits that Weekly Hotels USA say that everyone will love:

• In-room kitchenettes or kitchens – People can save money when they book a hotel that has an in-room kitchen space. They can purchase their food and cook in their room whenever they wish, therefore alleviating the additional costs and inconvenience of eating out all the time.

• Business centers – The business centers at extended stay hotels are open around the clock. Therefore, Benefits of Extended Stay Hotels - #UD 2guests can use them when it is convenient for them instead of when it is convenient for hotel staff. Guests will no longer return from work or a day out exploring late in the evening and find themselves locked out of the business center when they have some work to complete before they retire for the evening.

• Fitness centers – The fitness centers have the same hours as the business centers, which allows guests to keep the same routines that they have when they are home. No guest will ever need to rearrange their schedule when they stay at an extended stay hotel.

• Complimentary breakfasts or grab and go breakfasts – Everyone is busy in the morning and a person who is away from home may find themselves at a loss with a slightly new schedule. The weekly hotels understand this and that is why many of them offer a free breakfast every morning. While they realize that their guests have their own kitchens, they know that the morning rush often prevents them from using it. The breakfast is a small way that these hotels can keep their guests happy and feeling like they are special.


We know that all the guests at these hotels appreciate both the gestures and conveniences that the hotels offer. While all the benefits are important, we know that the addition of a kitchen space in the hotel room is the one that will make the biggest impact on the guests’ lives while they are staying at the hotel. We look forward to sharing even more in the future as we continue to see an increase of people staying at these extended stay hotels.


To know more or to explore extended stay hotels, visit https://www.weeklyhotels.com/


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