What Is The BittBoy, & Is It Legit?

The BittBoy is a third-party mobile gaming device that has 300 in 1 built in classic NES games. It very closely resembles the Game Boy, but is not backed by Nintendo.


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Product Description

BittyBoy is a “play on-go” handheld. With its small size, it is easy to put into your pocket and play anywhere you go.


IPS display screen brings you an unexpected experience on gaming. It is full view no matter you watch from each angle.


Want to play on the big screen instead? No problem, BittBoy has a composite video output, so you can experience your games on your television too.


  • Color: Blue | Red | Black | White | Yellow
  • Material: ABS
  • Size at 6.8×9.9×1.3cm
  • 2.2″ IPS Display screen
  • TV Output
  • Languages: English
  • Supports FC/ NES games
  • New only English version and no Chinese
  • 500mAh lithium battery
  • Weight: 200g


The current price of the BittBoy is $39.99 USD. On the surface this looks like a very cool little gaming device for a reasonable price. Very lightweight, has a rechargeable battery, and can connect to your TV.


The first question that comes to mind since its a third party product is if it is legit. When you go to the companies website its very limited. The website is not very well designed, so of course anyone with common sense is going to further investigate before risking $40 dollars.


Usually most consumers go to is Google search or YouTube. You can find several websites and YouTuber’s promoting it, so it seems like its a legit product.


Facebook can be a goldmine for finding out information, so I decided to look at the review section on their fan page. What I found was a whole lot of customers who were very unhappy with this companies service.


Customers Very Unhappy With "BittBoy" Shipping & Customer Service - #UD 2


Most of the reviews are from people complaining about the shipping time. Their Facebook Fan Page says “Video Game in Reno, Nevada,” but customers are saying that the product is coming from overseas, and is taking up to 2 months to arrive.


Then their are many complaints about the customer service. Most claim they aren’t getting a response when trying to contact them. One review claims they are very rude. Another claims there is no Paypal option, and they didn’t seem okay with sharing their info on a seedy looking site. A few say they were delayed and then offered a small discount.


On the plus side several people did receive their BittBoy, and seemed to be very happy with it. A few big name websites are showing it support. So it does seem like a legit company, it just appears that they need to get themselves in order. As for the product being legit, I don’t believe they are legally allowed to sell Nintendo’s products. The risk is on them, and I highly doubt you will get in any trouble for buying in anyway.


The BittBoy does seem like a cool toy at a cheap price. If you plan on checking it out prepare to be patient. You can check out their DYNAMIC website Here.


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