Batman and Harley Quinn Join Forces!

Oh Yeah! Don’t Forget Night Wing.


Batman and Harley Quinn is the twenty-ninth film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series. It was written by Jim Krieg and Bruce Timm, who has also worked on Batman: The Animated Series. Right from the beginning of the movie you can see the resemblance in the animation.


writer Bruce Tim confirmed that the film is the first confirmed addition to the universe since the end of Justice League Unlimited. It was released in select theaters for one night one night on August 14, 2017. Luckily Universal Direction is resourceful.


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Batman and Harley Quinn Plot Summery

This enchanting, but unusually pale version of Poison Ivy has joined forces with the Plant Man Known as Floronic Man. Floronic Man just doesn’t seem to be a fitting name for this ruthless villain, but whatever. They’ve joined forces to attempt to transform the world into plant-life.


Batman sends a more suave then usual version of Night Wing to find Harley Quinn. Harley is old friends with Poison Ivy, and could be a valuable resource in their mission to save the world.


Night Wing finds Harley Quinn working in a dive restaurant that resembles Hooters, only with waitresses cosplaying female superheroes and villains, named SuperBabes. Quinn is fresh out of Arkham Asylum, and really trying to keep her nose clean by blending in as being herself in disguise.


Let me just say here that SuperBabes is a million dollar idea, and DC or Warner Bros. really need to market this.


Batman and Harley Quinn Movie Review - #UD 3


Night Wing follows Harley home, and a great battle gives way between them where Quinn is the victor. Wing wakes up strapped to the bed in her apartment, and has to convince her to join the duo.


With a little persuasion he convinces her. I like his methods, and Harley looks fantastic in this scene. The buzz killer known as Batman busts in and catches them having a little tickle time. He notes the pile of her clothes on the floor, and Night Wing looks ashamed of himself. Like Batman’s never tickled a psychotic hot super villain before!


Meanwhile Pamela Ivy and the worst named villain ever are using Ivy’s powers to manipulate a scientist in order to figure out the right formula for their plot to save the world. That’s right! They believe man kind is on a path of destruction, and they plan to be the planets Green saviors.


This brings us to another great scene. Quinn takes the duo to an underground henchmen hangout, and has some gas issues from her tangy Superbabes wings in the Bat Mobile along the way. When they arrive at the club they find a quite animated group of henchmen singing and dancing. After busting some heads with some good old fashioned Bam-Pow-Blam, they get the info they need and move on.


Batman and Harley Quinn Movie Review - #UD 2


Ivy and the Plant Man are close to getting the formula right, but the unlikely trio busts in on their party. Floronic Man and Ivy leave them to burn ruthlessly as they make their escape. To get away Floronic Man breaks out the last of his magic Swamp Thing Yams. They eat some and start to trip-out a bit, then teleport through a tree. Awesome!


Batman tries to ditch Harley because shes mental unstable and not trustworthy. She sweet talks her way into sticking with them, and they fly away in the Bat Plane.


As expected Quinn double crosses the dark duo, and tries to talk some sense into Ivy. When Ivy won’t budge, lets get ready to rumble. Poison Ivy and Harley have a nice cat fight, and the duo have their hands full with Floronic Man. He may have a horrible name, but he is definitely one of Gotham’s heavy hitters.


So not to spoil the entire movie I’ll leave the rest for you to see for yourself. I will say that the ending involves an appearance from Swamp Thing, and he is a “big ass bucket of nothing”. Not the best ending I could think of.


4Batman and Harley Quinn Movie Review - #UD 4


My Review

There is so much to love about this movie if your a Batman fan. The first thing that really got my attention was the fact that it so closely resembled the animated styling of Batman: The Animated Series. Which I might add is still one of the most popular animated series of all time.


Next thing I loved is the comedy factor, and odd stuff they randomly threw in. Most of the comedic relief is on point. They kind of missed big time with the Swamp Thing ending, but overall the film was pretty funny. The retro music and odd side-animation added a nice touch.

DC based animation is all about action. So how we’re the fight scenes? Its a short animated movie, and didn’t provide many battles. The few fight scenes that were in the movie were pretty good. I don’t want to ruin it, but the final fight scene was great until the end. Pretty disappointing, but it didn’t take away from the movies overall value.


The voice acting was great, and the script was pretty good overall. The music was good, and matched the movie well.


This film may have had its ups and downs, but overall I thought it was a really good movie. A little short, and had a bad ending, but still made the cut. I’d say possibly the best Batman animated movie in recent years.


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Batman and Harley Quinn Movie Review
This film may have had its ups and downs, but overall I thought it was a really good movie. A little short, and had a bad ending, but still made the cut. I'd say possibly the best Batman animated movie in recent years.
Voice Acting
Harley Quinn Hotness
  • Great Animation
  • Harley is Hot!
  • Great Comedy
  • Short Movie
  • Not Enough Action
  • Bad Ending
4.1Overall Score
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