Hottest Actresses In HollyWOOD 2017

I asked my Friends on Facebook who they think are the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. The following gallery was mostly chosen by my amazing online friends.


The following list of beauties is going off of the order they were added to the list, and is not chosen by favorites. I have many comedians on my friends list, and I really mean that in the literal sense. Will Haza of the Upright Citizens Brigade even nominated himself as Willma.


One female friend got a little jelly, and I had to point out that God gave us all special talents. He blessed many of these fine ladies with the gift of beauty, and they are out there putting it on display. This list is in no way put together to disrespect women. In fact we encourage our female audience to join in on the fun.


The List By My Awesome Friends

Emily Blunt

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 1

Image Source – Pinterest

Emily Blunt is quite popular apparently. You might know her from The Devil Wears Prada. She once played Miss Piggies receptionist, and has an upcoming role in Mary Poppins Returns.

Chosen By: Jack Zullo


Margot Robbie

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 2

Image Source – Capital

Margot Robbie needs no introduction. Daddy’s Lil Monster is possibly best known for her role in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn. Gotta love those shorty shorts!

Chosen By: Joel Hedge


Emilia Clarke

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 3

Image Source – CraveOnline

You may know Emila Clarke from Game of Thongs, I mean Thorns. Since I don’t watch that show, I know her best from her role as young Sarah Connor in Terminator Genysis.

Chosen By: Joel Hedge – James Dylan Crowley


Simone Missick

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 4

Image Source – Brown Sista

You might know Simone Missick from her role as detective in Luke Cage, and most recently in The Defenders. I’m also a fan of Simone’s, and was happy to see this BROWN SISTA make the list.

Chosen By: Mel Wilson


Emma Watson

Video Source – AnthonyWho6969

Nobody is Raping Emma Watson! Emma is most known from her role in Harry Potter. I fell in love with her after the axe scene above in This is the End. This might be one of my favorite scenes in movie history.

Chosen By: Mark Bhhmrgameandbox Avecilla


Penélope Cruz

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 5

Image Source – HollywoodOnDemand

Best known for her role as Tom Cruise’s wife. That is all. Just kidding. Shes also an actress that needs no introduction.

Chosen By: Jens-Christian Huus



Gal Gadot

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 6

Image Source – blogger

You may know Gal Gadot from her recent role in Wonder Women, or as Miss Israel 2004. I know her from my dreams. Gal is definitely one of the top gals on my list.

Chosen By: Tejai Morton – Phil Williams – Marc Camron


Jennifer Lawrence

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 7

Image Source – Review_World_ Bachcu

Jennifer Lawrence’s coolest role without a doubt is Mystique in the X-Men movies. I always had a crush on Smurfette growing up. Now Lawrence has totally stole her place.

Chosen By: Robert Workman – Judy Tyrer


Becky Lynch

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 8

Image Source – GotCeleb

Becky Lynch is my personal pick. There is just something hot about an Irish red head that can kick a little lass. The WWE Divas have broken into Hollywood, and I feel that Becky more than deserves to make the list.

Chosen By: Phil Williams


jada pickett Smith

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 9

Image Source – Pinterest

My friend Shania is a very beautiful lady herself, and it turns out she has great taste. She chose four Hollywood beauties. Since I’m already tired of putting this list together, I chose my favorite out of her four choices. Jada is amazing. I consider her to have the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. Plus shes married to Will Smith, and was in a metal band. Jada Rules!

Chosen By: Shania Hawkins – Phil Williams


Christina Hendricks

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 10

Image Source – Pinterest

You might know this bombshell whos about to bust out of her brazer from Mad Men. All I can say about this pic is va-va-voom!

Chosen By: Rio Tennyson – Jay M Eilers


Selma Blair

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 11

Image Source – CloudPix

Selma Blair is an actress I find cooler than hot. Besides her role in Cruel Intentions, shes also been in many Hell Boy movies.

Chosen By: Roon Marchant


Sarah Nicklin

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 12

Image Source – Alchetron

My good ole chum Vellrath says they are all a bunch of Hollywood hoe-bags, and indie ladies are where its at. When it comes to indie there is nobody more suited for this list then indie horror scream-queen Sarah Nicklin in my opinion. I’ve been friends with Sarah for some time now, and she is so sweet and laid back. Such an amazing all around person and actress! Check her movies out HERE if you’ve never heard of her…

Chosen By: Chris Vellrath – Phil Williams


Katheryn Winnick

Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood - #UD 13

Image Source –

You may know this Canadian actress from the television series Bones and Vikings. Katheryn Winnick is known to be as tough as she is beautiful. That’s funny because this choice was made by one of the toughest females I’ve ever known.

Chosen By: Jeannie Collins – Some Tough Biker On FB That Looks Like A Viking


Jennifer Aniston

Video Source – BigAdude75

Now Jennifer Aniston is a good choice. I’m not sure how old Aniston is, but I had a Rolling Stones cover hanging on my wall with her on it 18 years ago. For a women around 40, she looks amazing. In the above scene in Meet the Millers she showed the world shes still got it.

Chosen By: Louie Cerulli


Special Bonus Video

Will Haza is an amazing comedian. I thought it would be weird to add the Willma pic of him in drag. So instead I decided to share this hilarious comedy clip. The first scene with the Cheerios Honey Bee is so F’n funny. If you’ve got a sense of humor, then you should see this.

Video Source – Will Haza


I hope you enjoyed the article. In the future I plan to make a Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood list from my personal favorites. This was a fun post to put together, and my Facebook friends all had no idea I was gonna use their comments for inspiration. Please let us know who you think is the hottest actress in HollyWOOD in the comment section below.


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  1. Kelly

    Your picture of Christina Hendricks is a stolen photo from a Roy Varga client with Christina’s head photoshopped on. You’re right, the pic is vavaoom—more so with the proper woman’s head attached!


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