The challenging game Madcap Castle, developed by indie studio Diel Mormac Games and published by IDJ Games, got the releasing date for PC and is promising to bring many adventures, fun and a lot of nostalgia through 150 levels. The title will be released on 11th of December on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

Madcap Castle has been designed as a love letter to the classic Game Boy with graphics, audio and gameplay mechanics carefully crafted to update the retro experience to modern devices, but retaining everything that gamers loved about the portable. The game has been making a lot of success on expos, including the recent edition of Brazil Game Show, where players could buy an exclusive collector edition with a physical box, one poster, a set of stickers and the full game Steam key.

Along the 150 levels, the players will control a mage in a castle crowded of obstacles, enemies and secrets trying to restore his memory and powers.

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About Madcap Castle

Madcap Castle is a charming and challenging gameboy-esque puzzler. You control a mage in a quest to recover his memory and powers in 150 levels of a castle full of obstacles, challenges and secrets.

Madcap Castle was originally created for BaconGameJam 10 (and won!) in 48 hours by DielMormac, containing 4 colours inspired by old Game Boy games. Back in the day the game was called Mad Mage Tower.

In Madcap Castle you play as a new mage that do not know many spells yet, but is looking to regain his sanity on a strange castle full of objects, enemies and challenges. On some of the castle’s levels there are books of spells. If you can make it over to a spell, you will be able to read it and learn the spell. These spells, including the ability to light candles, spawn chickens and use levers, will help you solve puzzles along the way.

Gameboy-esque Puzzler Madcap Castle Coming Soon - #UD 1

History of Madcap Castle

  • Alpha Version – Bacon Game Jam 10
    Madcap Castle was originally created in 48 hours during BaconGameJam10 by Diel Mormac (@dielmormac), ending up as the winner of the competition. After that, Diel sought partners in the game development community who would like to continue the development and turn it into a full product, being joined then by Rubens Stephan (@ruhstephan), Guilherme Abel (@guiabel) and Mauricio (Malegra) Alegretti (@malegretti).
  • Greenlight
    The game entered Steam Greenlight on Aug 31th 2016, with the team expecting to release an Early Access version shortly after the possible approval.
  • Name Change
    Right after the game has been succesfully greenlit, the team decided that the planned expansions on the storyline and levels were bringing the game to a bigger setting that only a tower. Thus, the name of the game has been changed from Mad Mage Tower to Madcap Castle to better reflect this growth.

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