Eddie Vedder Seen Jamming With Street Performers After Cubs Game

On Friday night Vedder joined a pair of musicians for an impromptu jam session outside of Wrigley Field after a Cub’s game.


The Pearl Jam front man is known to be a huge Chicago Cub’s fan. According to ChiCitySports, Vedder came across the two street musicians after Friday nights game. He borrowed the guitarist instrument and jammed out Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy” with the drummer.



This was said to be a completely random thing, and wasn’t staged for PR. Many people passing by had no idea what they were witnessing. A few fans noticed it was Veddar playing the guitar and broke out their cameras to share the moment on social media.


Following the Cubs’ Game 4 World Series loss in Chicago, Vedder performed “The Weight” with guitarist Derek Trucks and Bill Murray at a postgame party outside Wrigley Field in October 2016. The stadium will also be the site of the upcoming Pearl Jam concert film Let’s Play Two.



I imagine this had to be a huge honor for the pair of musicians jamming outside of Wrigley Field. If it wasn’t caught on camera nobody would probably believe them. Luckily the random event was memorialized.


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