The Smokin’ Hot Amazon Prime Series, “The Marijuana Show”is Searching for the Next Marijuana Millionaire in Los Angeles!

The Marijuana Show, the first-ever reality show about investing in the Cannabis industry is coming to Los Angeles.


The Marijuana Show, the first-ever reality show about investing in the Cannabis industry is coming to the Cannabis World Conference & Business Expo in Los Angeles in search of the next Marijuana Millionaire.


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This hit show landed on Amazon Prime and was coined, “Shark Tank for Pot” by CNBC, and with over 18 million offered by accredited investors over two seasons, Wall Street Journal exclaimed, “They Smoked Shark Tank.”


For season three, producers are projecting to offer $20 million in capital, plus they are launching an equity fund called, “High Finance Fund” to provide additional investment options.


Karen Paull states, “The green industry in California alone has a projected value of $7 billion, and state and local governments could eventually collect $1 billion a year in taxes.” Focused on the LA market, the conference brings together highly competitive and disruptive cannabis businesses and that’s exactly who we are searching for, the next ‘Marijuana Millionaire.’

Wendy Robbins, producer/director said, “We are proud to say we have already several highly disruptive companies from the LA area and are excited to partner with the Cannabis Expo in order to scout a few more companies. We believe once California goes recreational in January 2018, this will be the largest market in the USA.”


The successful “Shark Tank for Cannabis,” series profiles a group of ‘ganjapreneurs’ seeking capital and mentorship. The show’s producers are experts themselves, considered two of the top 50 Women in Cannabis. They coach contestants in a Boot Camp aka “Bud Camp” to help companies get investment, coaching and provide an excellent marketing and advertising platform for any Cannabis company that wants huge exposure and reach.


"The Marijuana Show" Searching for Next Ganjapreneur In LA - #UD 2


Two lucky finalists on the show include California based companies, Spare and CannTrade: D’ontra Hughes, Founder and CEO states, “SPARE: A virtual financial services platform that drives foot traffic, sales and revenue to local retailers whilst solving many of the problems with banking. A platform for disadvantaged communities such as the unbanked and cannabis dispensaries to get financial services as cheaply and efficiently as possible.


” Mark Restilla, Co-Founder of CannTrade states, “CannTrade is a secure wholesale cannabis marketplace & CRM designed to promote trade and help businesses grow. The marketplace allows verified buyers and sellers to transact directly, while data analysis, lead generation, and client management tools help businesses increase their bottom line.”


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