The Shield 2.0 Reunion Rumors Were True!

Last night on Raw Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose confirmed the reunion of The Shield 2.0 by taking a stand against The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro and Strowman.


The rumor of The Shield 2.0 reunion has been the hottest topic circling the WWE Universe for the last couple of weeks. Last night on Raw the three former brothers confirmed that the rumors are true by making a huge statement to their rivals.


The show kicked off with The Miz and his lackey Curtice Axel hosting the second annual Mizzie Awards. The first trophy was awarded to his Miztourage henchmen Axel. For the second award he called out the members of The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro. For the third award The Miz arrogantly nominated himself.


Video Source – WWE


As The Miz was running his claptrap Roman Reigns came out to interrupt the ridiculous ceremony. He did a little smack talk before he said, “who said anything about rumors.” Then his former brother Ambrose and Rollins came out to the stage to confirm The Shield 2.0 reunion.


The New Orleans crowd went ballistic as The Shield 2.0 approached the stage. Though they were outnumbered, the three brothers made light work of taking The Miztourage and The Bar members down. The crowd went extra bananas when they hit The Miz with a Shield-Bomb!

Not long after general manager Kurt Angle announced that The Shield will be taking on The Miz along with both members of The Bar at TLC. The Miz reacted like he just ate a sour lemon as always, but doesn’t seem to have much of a choice in the situation.


Later Braun Strowman had a very uneven match against The Hardy Boy’s Matt Hardy. Though everyone expected Matt Hardy to get wrecked, he put up a valiant effort against The Monster Among Men. The Twist of Fate seemed to have little effect against the monster as he tossed Hardy off of him after a 1-count.


After the match it looked like Strowman was carrying Hardy up the ramp to power-slam him through the monitor as we’ve seen him do in the past. He was halted as The Shield came out from backstage and blocked his path. Braun tried to fight them all, but was out powered by the numbers game. Then The Shield expanded the impact of the nights statement by Shield Bombing Strowman through the announcer table.


Video Source – Notorious Court


Next The Miz seems to tell Kurt Angle he has a fourth partner that will be joining them at TLC, then Strowman comes kicking through the door looking extra sweaty. I guess The Miz makes his own rules now, and Kurt Angle doesn’t care that it completely makes the match uneven, but whatever.


The Shield is back and ready to pick up where they left off. Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself with Rollins stabbing his brothers in the back. The following weeks leading up to TLC should be interesting indeed.


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