Top 10 Heavy Metal Divas

Before starting this Top 10 Heavy Metal Divas List I figured that this idea had to have been done. I found several top 10 list that had attempted to cover this topic, but felt few were on the money. While female musicians like Amy Lee and Lacey Mosley deserve a lot of credit, I don’t see them as metal.


After I figured out that there is no top list that shows the real queens of metal the proper respect, I decided to create my own. Since I’m a fan of most of the bands that made the list, I felt like it put itself together.


I’m not going to front and act like beauty isn’t a factor in my choices, but its not all that stands behind my ranking factors. I respect a women who not only can thrash with a beastly growl, but can also sing with some melody. Overall coolness is also a big factor. Many of these front-women have amazing styles, and stand out every time they hit the stage.


#10. Lauren Hart – Once Human

Once Human is a melodic metal band that hails from Los Angeles, CA. Front-woman Lauren Hart possibly has one of the mostly beastly growls of all the heavy metal divas on the list, and has definitely earned her place on the metal food-chain.



#9. Morgan Lander – Kittie

I believe Kittie is the senior band on the list, and possibly the most highly respected. Front-wonan Morgan Lander has been belting out hits since she was 14 years old. You could say that Morgan Lander and Kittie helped pave the way for the rest of the ladies on the list.



#8. Vicky Psarakis – The Agonist

Vicky Psarakis is the new lead singer of The Agonist, and is an amazing vocalist. Alissa White-Gluz is a legend of ladies metal, and left some huge shoes to fill. Vicky Psarakis stepped right up to the plate, and is doing an amazing job.



#7. Mizuho Lin – Semblant

The new singer of Semblant is more of a melodic vocalist, but the band is very metal. Mizuho is very enchanting, and has a very beautiful voice to match.



#6. Carla Harvey – Butcher Babies

The backup singer of Butcher Babies Carla Harvey is beautiful, has a killer voice, and is scary as hell all at the same time. Whats not to love? I already thought the Butcher Babies were one of the coolest bands in metal history, then I recently heard they released a comic in 2011 at Comic Con. The Butcher Babies are so Cool and Hot! Carla Harvey is so cool, I chose to use her for the featured image of this post.



#5. Tatiana Shmaylyuk – Jinjer

Ukranian groove-metal band Jinger doesn’t like to be grouped in with other front-women led metal bands. To them its all about the music, and their not trying to use Tatiana as a trophy piece. If your familiar with Jinjer then you know there is no denying her beauty and skill. Her along with the rest of the band are one of the best metal bands on the scene today. Shes also one of the hottest women in metal if she wants to admit it or not.


#4. Alissa White-Gluz – Arch Enemy

Alissa White-Gluz is the former lead singer of The Agonist, and has earned her place as one of the reigning queens of metal. Arch Enemy is a metal super-group, and Alissa White-Gluz is the third female to take the helm as lead vocalist since the band formed in 1996. I love her style, and she is no doubt one of the most beautiful women in metal.



#3. Heidi Shepherd – Butcher Babies

The lead vocalist of Butcher Babies is the definition of cool. She is definitely one of the hottest female metal singers of all time, and shes not afraid to show it off. Not only is she extremely hot with her long red hair, but she is an amazing vocalist. Her singing voice is beautiful, and she can match backup singer Carly Harvey’s intense metal vocals. The Butcher Babies also have an amazing sense of style, and get much of their inspiration from horror movies.



#2. Maria Brink – In This Moment

Maria Brink is definitely at the top of my list. She is badass in every way possible. She is always dark and oddly stylish in every video. Shes a well rounded singer, and as beautiful as they come. How can you not dig her?



#1. Otep Shamaya – Otep

When it comes to hardcore women of heavy metal, Otep Shamaya gets so much respect from me. She is as hardcore as they come! Otep is as badass as they come in my opinion. Since Kittie took a few breaks in their history, I think Otep Shamaya might be the most deserving of the title, “Reigning Queen of Heavy metal.”



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