PolarSeal Heated Tops

Warmth at the touch of a button. Superlight, smart heated tops for men and women, designed for sports and comfort in adventure.


POLAR SEAL heated smart tops bring you heat at the touch of a button.



Designed to be super lightweight, flexible, and breathable. POLAR SEAL tops come in a range of colors and sizes in distinct MENs and WOMENs cuts. POLAR SEAL can give you heat for up to 8 hours, which means you can go a full day in the cold without feeling chilly.


You can activate heating in your lower back and upper back separately or simultaneously to fit your needs and comfort. Our color coded heating zone button allows you to adjust zone settings easily.


From the button controls, adjust the heating to the temperature level that feels best. POLAR SEAL’s color coded temperature control buttons allow you to tell what heating level you are on at a glance, and make adjustments in seconds.


When using a standard 10,000 mAh power bank and set on the highest heating level and with both heated zones activated, POLAR SEAL can give you heat for up to 8 hours. This means you can go a full day on in the cold or on the slopes without feeling chilly.


POLAR SEAL is compatible with standard USB power banks. This gives you the freedom to choose the power bank that suits your needs and taste, or use USB power banks you already might own.


Embedded between two ultra thin dissipation layers, the heating element is fully integrated into the garment. This unique design makes POLAR SEAL flexible and breathable.


POLAR SEAL is water resistant. You won’t have to worry about playing around in the snow, hiking, or jogging under the rain. POLAR SEAL can also be hand washed and washed with detergent.


Though this is the last day of PolarSeal Heated Tops Kickstarter campaign, you can check out their campaign page Here. You can also visit the companies official website Here.


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