WWE Is Against Anti-Bullying, But Okay With Gang-Violence

Whatever Happened To WWE’s Anti-Bullying Message? Jumping Someone With A Large Group Is Bullying!


On Monday morning I was going to cover a post on TLC. Honestly besides the Diva’s matches I wasn’t all that impressed. So I decided to wait and see what happened on Raw. After the #UNDERSIEGE event I was shocked, and decided to see where this story went on Smackdown.


A smaller team going up against a larger team is no new thing in wrestling entertainment. Sometimes seeing the underdogs overcome the odds can be very inspirational. Though most of us realize that this is all in the name of entertainment, there are many who live there lives by what they see on the boob-tube. I always thought WWE’s Anti-Bullying efforts were a little ridiculous, but after what I seen on Monday night I feel its absolutely absurd now.


I was raised in the Northeast less than an hour drive away from Philadelphia. Around there there’s nothing entertaining about violence. If you haven’t been jumped for being the wrong skin color, and in the wrong time and place, you don’t get out enough. I’ve been jumped randomly more times than you can imagine. Usually you don’t stand a chance even with weapons. Getting jumped is one of the purest forms of bullying there is.


Video Source – Wrestling Reality


During Shane and Kurt’s conversation the bosses son seemed to take offense that Angle insinuated that Raw has the better superstars. Well guess what Shane. Kurt Angle ain’t lying. I watch both Raw and Smackdown every week, and skip through the matches I don’t like. I end up watching nearly all of Raw every week, but besides listening to the dialog, I skip nearly every match on Smackdown besides the Diva’s.


Shane claimed he was taking the first strike. He did take the first swing, but did so as a coward. Since him and Angle both preformed in the ring during the last two PPV matches, the honorable thing to do would have been to take that first swing at Angles mouth. Sending your crew to jump Raw’s roster systematically one by one didn’t prove anything but cowardness.


For a few years the WWE really promoted their Anti-Bullying campaign. Besides the fact that the WWE usually promotes bullying weekly, I though it was a noble effort on their part. After that siege event I don’t think the WWE should ever mention anything about Anti-Bullying again. They just taught children the tactics of Julius Caesar and Atilla the Hun. Sure there are strength in numbers, but jumping someone with a gang is a yellow as it gets.


I love the WWE, and am a lifelong fan. I usually keep my mouth closed when something like Braun Strowman flipping an ambulance with the obvious aid of hydraulics happens. Most times their shenanigans are entertaining and funny. Every once in a while they go to far. People in our country are being beat to death by groups of teenagers calling themselves flash mobs. The layers of scars on my face should be a clear indication that this behavior is neither entertaining nor cool. Gang violence in our country is a real issue. The WWE should be ashamed of itself for the #UNDERSIEGE event. Not cool at all WWE!


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