Online Medical Marijuana Marketplace BudTrader Pokes Fun at Big Pharma In All-New TV Ad

The world’s largest online medical marijuana marketplace, released its first ever television commercial today, marking a big step into the mainstream for the legal cannabis industry. The commercial, which was produced in house by the brand’s own media network, BudTrader TV, will begin airing this month at various time spots on both network and cable TV.


Video Source – Bud Trader


BudTrader’s CEO Brad McLaughlin explains his vision for the site’s inaugural ad: “The commercial’s premise is ‘Ask your doctor if medical marijuana is right for you.’ It’s a simple message with a big point — that many average people who are currently prescribed harmful drugs and opiates to medicate their depression, anxiety, pain and many other ailments would benefit greatly by talking to their physician about medical marijuana as a healthier alternative for treatment.


A lot of people sitting at home are aware cannabis is becoming more socially acceptable in society, but many have never considered using it themselves. With this commercial, I want to encourage everyone to discuss with their primary care physician if medical marijuana is right for them as an alternative to harmful and addictive opiates and tranquilizers.”


BudTrader’s “Ask Your Doctor…” commercial breaks new ground for the legal cannabis industry and puts in the same realm of mega-platforms such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and Snapchat, who are among the few tech companies who run nationwide ad campaigns. The commercial was directed by BudTraderTV’s President Matthew McLaughlin, whose credits include Producer on reality television shows Ax Men and Journey to the Draft. Matthew also wrote, directed and produced the award-winning film ‘Gone.’


BudTrader Released Their First TV Commercial - #UD 2


Authors Note:
I found this commercial extreme hilarious. These people look nothing like stoners. Way to much energy and way to jolly. For most of us in North America having a joint can still wind you up in the joint, but we can still dream.


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