With their trip planner, Free Campsites is changing the way we plan summer vacations. This new route planning tool displays free and low cost camping along your planned route, saving you time and money. You can travel across the country without spending a dime on accommodations!


If you want to travel on a budget, camping is the best way to save money. Free camping locations are widely available and can save you a lot of cash compared to commercial campgrounds or hotel rooms. Free Campsites has launched a new trip planning tool that makes planning a road trip easier than ever. Just enter your itinerary and the application will show you the free and low cost camping along your route.


New Route Planning Tool Makes Planning a Budget Road Trip Easy - #UD 2


An active user community leaves feedback on these campsites. You can find detailed information including photos, cellular signal strength and the experiences of real people that have camped there. Some campers even leave video reviews and entire blog posts. The depth of information found on Free Campsites is a long way from the ‘labels on a map’ you grew up with.


“When we started traveling, we often had a hard time finding affordable camping. We spent a lot of time driving around on public land looking for camping areas. Today, anybody can just pick up a phone and find nearby campsites with the built-in GPS. I think that’s pretty cool,” said Jenn Abel, founder of Free Campsites.


New Route Planning Tool Makes Planning a Budget Road Trip Easy - #UD 3


Free Campsites has been working with the community for more than eight years to provide the best information and tools for finding camping locations. This free service has become the first stop for many campers looking to save money and has helped countless people take trips across the country lasting from weeks to years. With this new trip routing technology, their dedication to creating tools that help travelers save time and money is obvious.


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