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Being a Crowdfire (CF) user for a few years now, I’m very excited to be putting this review together. I’ve gotten to know the CF platform pretty well over the years, and still use it to this day.


Some of our readers might not be familiar with what unfollow websites (UW) are all about, so in this review I’m going to go over their purpose, advantages, and drawbacks.


What Is A Unfollow Website?

A Unfollow Website or Unfollower Site is a 3rd party website that allows you to follow so many user accounts on a specific social network, then un-follow the users that don’t follow you back.


There are several UW websites on the market, but only a few are really worth using. Each UW website has different options, and sometimes allow following on multiple social networks.


Most UW’s have free and premium subscriptions. Free subscriptions usually allow you to follow and un-follow a limited amount of accounts. Premium accounts usually can follow and unfollow the max limit the specific social network allows, and have varying additional advantages.


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Most UW’s premium accounts will hide your previously followed users. People get annoyed when they are followed and un-followed more than once, and will often flag you for it. Paying for the premium account options is wort it in my opinion.


If you are on a low budget, using free accounts are okay for a while. Years ago I started by using 3 different sites free options. By scheduling it into my daily routine my Twitter account still grew by the thousands in time.


Most UW’s also display important information like location, last time on the network, and other relevant info to help target your audience.


Some sites offer other targeting options like keyword following or copying other users followers. Taking the time to target the right audience for your niche can work wonders for building the perfect audience for you.



I’ve used several different UW’s for a few social networks over the years. In my opinion CF has the best platform, so I’ve stuck with it for a while.


UW’s are technically considered black hat tactics. Meaning most social networks don’t like when you use them, and it could possibly get you into trouble.


Crowdfire Review 2017 - UD 4Twitter didn’t used to seem to mind if you used these sites, as long as you stayed within the daily following/ unfollowing amount. I believe it 1k for each every 24 hours. Now it seems they are tightening up their grip.


You used to be able to follow as fast as you could click the button. Recently I noticed if you go to fast Twitter now gets suspicious and gives warnings. I’ve found that if you take your time with targeting, and only follow/ un-follow around 300 accounts a session, you will avoid the warning.


Though social networks see it as a black hat method, I think it should be okay. On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages, Pinterest, and most other social networks everyone has the common goal of growing their audience to its max. As long as these sites operate within the social networks guidelines I don’t see anything wrong with using a tool to make it easier to connect with your target audience.


Society is not all sunshine and lollipops. Social networks don’t really care about what is fair. Since everything became about advertising within their own networks, only businesses or rich people can afford to grow their brands in social networks anymore. 3rd party sites are making money off of their networks, and they want it all.


The biggest disadvantage of using UW’s to grow is the risk. The risk didn’t use to be that big. Social network advertising seems to be changing the game. Now it seems to be a bit more risky then it used to be. If you’ve been growing your social network account for years you should definitely weigh out the risks.


My Crowdfire Review For 2017

Above I covered Unfollow Websites as a whole. After looking over the competition, I still think Crowdfire is the best. I believe if you go to fast on any UW you’ll get a warning from Twitter. I only use UW’s for Twitter, so I can’t speak for how other social networks are cracking down.


As I stated above, only a few UW’s are even worth using. All have design flaws. Crowdfire has always had an issue with loading so many accounts on their list. You usually have to refresh several times. Overall its a minor drawback that can be overlooked.


Crowdfire and other Unfollow websites have been around for years. Using these sites is still a tried and true method that works. The internet is always evolving. Security may beef up to the point where these growth sites all go under soon. For now millions of people are still using UW’s. If you use them, I recommend you do it carefully. Losing your social network account you’ve been building for years is a good way to ruin your day.


If your going to use a UW, I recommend Crowdfire over the competition. It takes time to use UW’s to grow your account. If your going to invest your time, its worth $9.99 a month to grow by the thousands. I find its the best way to connect with your target audience. After years of use, I give CF an OUTSTANDING review score.


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Tips For Crowdfire

  • Be Careful how aggressively you follow.
  • Take your time when it comes to targeting.
  • Make use of the Keyword Follow option.
  • Make a list of the biggest names in your niche, and copy their followers.
  • Follow back new users on Twitter, and account for them on your CF total.
  • Don’t send auto-messages. Its annoying and un-effective.
  • Twitters daily follow limit is 1k. Be sure not to exceed it.
  • Go premium if you can afford it.
  • Only follow users who have been active in the last 2 days or less.
  • If you get to many warnings, slow your roll.
  • Advise Crowdfire to give me a free lifetime subscription for writing this awesome 1k word review.


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